Odd moments of aesthetic clarity

Odd moments of aesthetic clarity

Orem laid down the scrying bowl. He used alchemically altered water to form the mirror. Always when he was done with the seeking, he moved his face into the water, deep enough to open his eyes, and gain not just a perception, but a feeling-melding, a union with the subject.

While he dried his face, he considered the riddle, whose answer he had been seeking.

“In what ways is a television set like a scrying bowl?”

Certainly, for distant viewing of places the magician could not physically go, TV was useful. A kind of remarkable occult library for those who could grasp that even in the age of soulless science, magic remained real. Magic was everywhere, and humanity had just been encouraged to ignore its presence, because materialistic science asserted it was the apex way of knowing,

A lie can’t change the truth. If we believe a lie, that’s on us. Better to ask, seek, and knock. To be reverent when thinking. Not full of self, as much as in wonder at what is not yet known.

He remembered Egypt. Atlantis. Lemuria. In the dreaming/silence he remembered before the before. He remembered after the after.

He wondered what Carl Jung would have thought about this moment of the Covid-Mystery. The collective unconscious collides with the collective imagination, and tellers of stories rule the electronic scrying bowl.

The is not just News, or Corporate Terrorism. During the lock down, millions had time to surrender to arts impossible … CGI, is just slight of hand given that a mind stands behind the image. Who knows what was learned when so many, confined in space, had to use the screens to visit worlds of wonder.

For Orem, he had a lot of love for the Netflix documentary on magic mushrooms. How many people spent the time on lock down stoned? As we emerge from the waves of confusion, it turns out a large number of people discovered they didn’t need the job that had been eating their souls.

We justly worry, he thought, over the malfeasance everywhere. Yet, there are many blessings, as the juggernaut of history grinds to a halt riding rivers of human folly. Life is a school of hard knocks and shared pain, and no one, whether billionaire developer, drug king in Mexico, Taliban in Afghanistan, or – pick your favorite – loser, escapes Her Justice.

That’s what we seen on the News, by the way. Karma taking place, the old and no longer useful failing, and billions fiercely overcoming the trials of surviving the inhumanity of others.

How do you think a mother and child travel a thousand miles to knock on the door of the Land of Dreams?


once upon a dream, an archangel hid a seed, in the last of the three ways that are one … Islam values women and family above all else, whatever power seekers do to distort the Koran to say what they wish

– so it has always been with priests, gurus and mullahs – we live in a different time …

The Book is not the Way. The Heart is the Way. Give people a taste of self-determination, and then take it away … banks a raging fire that cannot but grow brighter.

The Hebrews taught of the Law. The Christians taught of Love. The Muslims taught of Surrender. One wisdom, not three religions.

Woman-power is of surrender. A quality so deep, the excessive use of order cannot but feed a waking dragon. The Mother rides in on Rogue Weather, Her Son baptizes all with Fire and Holy Breath.

Women bend, they do not break. They share naturally a world of emotion no one needs to put into words. This is not the end of those hills and mountains we call Afghanistan. Ashes yes, but from such debris birds of prey of great beauty and fierce minds – in the dark of the soul, words like knives, made of blood and grown in wounds …

I do not believe the Taliban won … holding physical territory, yelling and waving guns, – big ego’s, dependent on mothers and wives and sisters and little baby girls.

Earthquakes at the ready, the Mother can lose patience.


The fundamental question – as regards the Covid-mess – has to do with “the science”. Science is a kind of curious discipline for those who don’t practice it. If you pin an honest scientist down, they confess the at the edges of what they believe they know are a lot of guesses. They don’t expect “final” or “settled” answers.

A science department in a university is a place of intrigue. Getting grant money for research a maze of competing interests, and standing in the hierarchy (dept. head, tenure, etc).

Right now, the usual arguments among various specialists have been suppressed. Papers are being written, and exchanged, but because they disagree with the Official Narrative they are excluded from major media, and their posts on Facebook, Google, Youtube, are censored, on the ironic basis that contrary ideas are dangerous.

Of course they are dangerous. The truth is always dangerous. Freedom is the most dangerous idea of all.


What I find most interesting right now is how farcical are the comments of people who don’t want their belief systems questioned.

I suspect that what these folk don’t like is that when pointed out it is obvious there is an Official Narrative, and no public discourse on alternative points of view, … they instinctively know the claim of settled science is weak.

They don’t want to admit it, so the best course is to attack the one who points out the problem, especially in an insulting way, because they are not so much thinking and listening, as they are emotionally defending themselves from facing the obvious truth that politicians, media, and corporations specialize in lying.

They don’t want to open the door to doubt, which is odd because one of the pillars of good science is doubt,.


a couple of crucial points

1. Ahriman incarnated on December 25th, 1950. To understand the times, we have to notice what Karl Rove has done, and continues to pursue – it is not simple and most folk, of an anthroposophical bent, do not truly appreciate the ongoing Mystery of Evil. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/19/rovism/


2. When a civilization transforms, via chaos into a new becoming, those in these winds often mistake the noise for the music. We are living in a Rite, masterminded by She who has the whole World in His Hands. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/…/earth…/

3. From the point of view of the Mystery, reality is perfect, which perfection includes the human struggle to deal with its perception of imperfection. Our need to fix things – particularly ourselves – drives the evolution consciousness into cycles and times of Crisis.

4. The outer events, well catalogued above, are secondary effects of the primary goal, which is that each individual has the biography they need, in this age, in order to engage the Crisis as a tool teaching them to draw/birth from within their own sense of the good and the true.

5. We are all being Baptized by Christ, via Fire and Holy Breath. No individual, and few institutions (better if they are “Antifragile”), will escape the necessary dissolution of social political structure.

6. Climate change is Her. She is Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death. What She hopes for us is that we will learn to remember the goddesses, not appreciated since the 3rd Epoch, pierce the veil of the sense world, and come home to Faerie and the rest of the Fae.

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