It can help our understanding, of our time of C*o*v*i*d-Madness, to change the scale of what we see and know. What draws our attention immediately – in this time of illness and uncertainty – cannot be really appreciated until we develop the wider “context”.

While many run amok in fear, seeking to not suffer what a family member just did, that stark fact is that we are all eventually going to die … the questions are when, and perhaps why.

For example, heart disease and cancer are still the major causes of death.

Somehow, or another, our civilization’s medical culture can’t cure the hard ones, and seem not interested in curing the simple ones – like infectious diseases. The basic strategy of the business, that research and sell modern medicines, is to suppress symptoms … i.e. we remain sick, just more comfortable.

If Americans were dying at the same rate as in the 1918 pandemic flu, instead of 600,000 plus deaths happening now, we would already have two million dead.

Medical “culture” is an important idea. The “science” of medicine includes not just doctors and patients, but all the businesses who make money from our “diseased” states. In addition, all “politics”, or efforts to govern societies (whatever the type), runs into ambitions, and behind the scenes deal making.

Big Pharma can’t be sued for illnesses, or death, resulting from their symptom suppression “vaccines”. Congress passed a law.

Our underlying achievements of Western Civilization, all center on the development of scientific materialism: all is matter, there is no spirit. In materialistic medicine, we end up with efforts at healing, which do not recognize the person as more than a physical body.

Scientific materialism is a religion, not just pure science. Many beliefs and assumptions are called “theories”, as if that label means “knowledge”. If we actually knew, the theory-idea would disappear.

Most people living in this time are believers in this “religion”: We are just an organic machine, living one life of toil and trouble, in a universe so large as to be beyond comprehension. When you can only go around the merry-go-round of life just once, might as well indulge yourself as often as possible.

All the same, spirit is real. An odd fact is that – in the phenomena of existence – we can’t get away from “spirit”, but under the influence of “materialism”, and its matter only bias/assumption, we don’t see what is most obvious of all.

Our culture impresses us with certain ideas, if we wish to be a “modern” person. Yes, many people have become more spiritual, more woke, study Buddhism, or Magic, … basically we see something in ourselves that has depth beyond the material. Still, many aspects of our understanding of the world contain matter-only concepts, particularly our ideas about health, illness, and death.

It used to be, in the early years of modern science, that the scientists expected to find proof of God. At one time the most likely candidate was whatever stood behind electrical phenomena. The experiment that led in this direction (and was so simple that any self-appointed “scientist” could do it), was to generate a current, and touch the lead to the severed limb of a dead frog. The leg jerked, so that must mean life.

There were born – five or six hundred years ago – two major tools that opened paths toward the resolution of many mysterious aspects of human existence: the telescope and the microscope – they bring the far near (stars), and the near becomes unimaginably detailed (cells and atoms). For early “natural philosophers” (scientists), following these mysteries was often be done by forgetting ordinary life, with all its suffering and cruelties,

The wars over power and politics and religion were a noisy social background, sometimes aiding the pursuit of this new Way of “seeing”, sometimes getting in the way. In the early days the rich played at science, and accomplished amazing things, for wealth gave them time to spend.

If the reader of this wants to live into this era of recent history, read Neal Stephenson’s 2700 page Baroque Cycle. It concerns Europe (and the world), during the years 1670 to 1730. At this time, banking as we know it today came into existence, and the pursuit of the physics of Newton came to dominate scientific thinking.

As to our interior life, … it was common in the time of Freud (1856-1939) for thinking on our “nature” to use the terms spirit and soul. Yet, when Freud was translated into English, the word “mind” replaced the German geistes (spirit) and seele (soul).

As “scientific” ruminations progressed, mind becomes “brain”, and all consciousness is given material explanations. Part of the underlying adventure – for scientists – was driven by the assumption that reality was a product of parts, and to seek knowledge of the smallest would eventually explain all.

The methods using “microscopes” dominated. What was worse, was that – as Rudolf Steiner pointed out – doctors first studied the cadaver, learning more about the “health” of human being when dead, rather than when living. Grave robbers made fortunes, stealing corpses and delivering them to “medical schools”, to be dissected. Modern medical schools start there even today, before you get to treating the living.

This is not to mean any kind of moral failure at all. The path to materialism had to be traveled, so that eventually we might find that being human is much more wonderful, than just the stuff out of which our bodies are made.

Is there any basis for returning the ideas of spirit and soul to their former glory, as aspects of the divine in everything? Can there be “sciences” of the spirit?

When the word ecology surfaced some decades ago, it was understood to be an Idea that “wholeness” was an aspect of the “natural” world. The context effected the part, just as the part effected the context.

A virus is something very very tiny. It is embedded in a great deal of context, not only in a physical sense, but also the “meaning” has context. Our bio-home has some ten trillion micro-organisms of various kinds and types. C*o*v*i*d* -D*e*l*t*a* – v*a*r**a*n*t can’t be separated from the context, or wholeness, in which it is “living”, … assuming we are justified in even granting to a virus the idea of life.

Is the public being lied to by the institutions with the most to gain from the sale of “medicine”, that suppresses symptoms, by applying genetically modified organisms below the cell level of our physical organism? That is: a “protein spike” is driven into the heart of a system of micro-cellular relationships, on the basis of a guess, or theory, that people will get “better”?

Here we are in a world where a huge experiment in medicine is going on. The C*o*v*i*d-therapy is not only genetically modified, it draws its “base genes” from the animal kingdom, something no “vaccine” has done before.

The history of civilizations includes the idea that such massive social organisms die. They become unworkable, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the wild, living in human passions and hungers. Rome fell to “barbarians”, we are told. Barbarians who, by the way, lived lives embodying principles that are the bedrock of modern idea of law. Tribal peoples, who know the Earth as a living Goddess.

My view is that our civilization’s “death” is an aspect of metamorphosis, a dying into a new becoming, as Goethe would have put it.

While mainstream scientific inquiry was seen as revolutionary – the Copernican Revolution – as against the religious ideas of the 14th Century – this seeking the parts as the cause of everything did not include all serious thinkers.

We can then use the name “counter-Copernican Revolution” to describe the Romantics, and Transcendentalists. Such folk as Coleridge, Goethe, and Emerson maintained a bridge between spirit and matter, … great genius, yet today are off in the corner of libraries and old books. Good for a quote, but not as an example to emulate.

In modern scientific circles, where there are thinkers more interested in wholeness, the problem/mystery of “consciousness” is everywhere. What is important for context, is to realize that scientific materialism doesn’t have a lot of answers. The core of being human is conscious experience, and how matter gave birth to that, is unknown to science, precisely because its belief system excludes the idea of spirit completely.

One modern Darwinian biologist said to a conference, … if we let the idea of spirit anywhere into modern scientific thought, the whole edifice will collapse.

To a certain extent, and one that is important, we should be individually making up our own minds about what “consciousness” is. The “whole” is us, and directly available to our own mental/spiritual capacities.

In the more modern aspects of the counter-Copernican impulse, we have now a “science of knowing” (solves the mind/body riddle) from Rudolf Steiner; “Goethean” science from many of Steiner’s best students, and the update of the ancient Egyptian Hermetic Science, generated by Franz Bardon.

These are all legitimate sciences, where a Way was found to account for spirit, while not violating the just demand of “science” for empirical and repeatable results.

As we are here dealing with materialistic “medicine”, what is out there that looks at – and with – spirit, at the healing arts?

A longer story, but a quick look. Rudolf Steiner indicated many ways in which materialistic science failed to account for spirit. In our time there is one doctor, who has built on that, changing medical science at the same level that Einstein replaced Newton in physics.

Keep in mind, the path of Einstein’s ideas in physics was torturous, and resisted by most “scientific” institutions.

Obviously, if we authentically want to know, reading books is crucial. Tom Cowan, our medical Einstein, has written four books crucial for our future health. “Human Heart – Cosmic Heart”; “Vaccines, Immunology, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses.”; “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”. These three should be read before: “The Myth of Contagion”, as they are crucial Context for the underlying truths regarding modern illnesses, and their Healing.

Reading them helps anyone seeking to understand the crisis in which we live, via a depth not available on the Evening New, or the bought and paid for ads on Facebook. Cowan helps us with a much needed context, and the books are written for the edification of the needed heart of the coming civilization.

Materialism is dying. Its fundamental ideas/theories have not worked. Factually the human being is far more amazing than Darwinian evolution and big bang cosmology imagine.

This crisis has a great deal to do with the future health of human beings. Health and illness is not a vehicle for soulless corporations, to make money. The metaphors of the Matrix films are quite apt. To the owners, the human being’s purpose is to work, and to consume, and to give our children to becoming cannon fodder in the endless wars of the rich and the powerful.

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