Justice, Fate, and Fortune

Justice, Fate, and Fortune

Is not our time, this dying and becoming of “Western” civilization, perhaps a lot of karmic debts coming due? Can we understand that Divine Providence (the Mother), with the Artist of Karma (Her Son) are meeting out Justice everyday?

We can read all manner of News stories, about bad actors of various kinds, from politicians, to corporation officers and boards, to drug lords, to abusers, to your next door neighbor … the list is endless, and it might also seem hopeless. Where is the Justice?

If we are of a “spiritual” Way, we might believe in karma and reincarnation, and that the Mystery is attending to these matters, such as this from St. Paul in Romans12:19 “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

In the most ancient – early Egyptian symbolic book of wisdom, Justice, generally the eighth major Arcane of the Tarot in modern versions, is called “The Balance and the Sword”.

Its meaning is described this way: “At the top of three steps which represent the three worlds*, sits a woman, her brow circled with a crown of iron, the emblem of inflexibility: her eyes are bandaged, to indicate she holds no account of the social position of the accused ones. A sword in one hand and a balance in the other, she judges and she punishes. The lion by her side symbolizes Force ruled over by Justice, and the Sphinx next to it, the eye of God who looks into the souls of the wicked. The winged Turtle above symbolizes Repentance which may obtain forgiveness in spite of the greatness of the crime. Finally a divine messenger tells us that the justice of God will be the final judge of the justice of men”

*[the spiritual or mental world, the psychological or soul world, and the physical or material world]

[From St, Germain’s “Practical Astrology”, the only book which combines into a single system the esoteric arts and crafts of astrology, numerology, and tarot. This oldest Egyptian system was based on very carefully studies of the courses of Fortune and Fate in human biographies. Keep in mind that those priests/pharaohs were initiates in the Mysteries. Gods and Goddesses spoke through them.]

Justice, in this ancient view is a Woman, essentially a Goddess. In this picture/symbol the Scales are in the Left Hand, and the Sword is in the Right.

Self study of the own soul will reveal that the Right tends to be the outward gesture aspect of the Will. Often in film arts, for example, we will see that a punch or slap is generally made with the right hand.

The same self study will reveal that the Left hand/side is often the receiving gesture of the Will, which is why the heart leans toward that side.

Fate is the sword, and Fortune is the scales. Each day everyone gets bits and pieces of both, which belongs to them, via “She has the Whole World in His Hands”.

Part of the human dilemma is that each of us, almost everyday, play a local role in the enactments of the mysteries of Fate and Fortune. My Lady cooks food for the sick and ill members of her church. I write meditations to Facebook.

Yet, as S. O. Prokofieff said to me, at Ann Arbor in 2005, “None of us is perfect”.

Hopi call this time: “The Day of Purification”. Not one of us, from the poorest to the richest, escapes what we have sown. John the Baptist describes the One coming after him as Baptizing us all, in Fire and Holy Breath.

Aspects of Fate and Fortune launched the Third Millennium with a Plague of illness, which ought to give us pause if we see in this Mystery: Justice everywhere.

Christ spoke simply, in the Sermon on the Mount: Judge Not. Easy to say, seriously hard to do.

Masked or Unmasked. Vaccinated or Unvaccinated. Billionaires or Poor Folk. Each of us a dark sea of likes and dislikes, many unrecognized.

One of the most amazing teachings of Rudolf Steiner, for me at any rate, was his advice to teachers to put all the cholerics in the same corner, so that they can knock the edges off of each other. There is good reason to recognize that the Mystery is even more skilled in how we come to live together.

On occasion, in this reflective anthroposophical environment, there appears the idea of three steps in moral/character development, for each step in spiritual development. Moral/character development has to do with learning how to read the book of life, and the book of the own soul.

While we all are the right people, in the right place, at the right time, … not one of us is the same. All unique. Existentially as it were: We cannot escape our many selves, nor the now in which we live each day.

That gift that comes with a curse. Debts are due. Life is suffering. Most live lives of quite desperation. Opportunities abound. Choices present themselves. The manifestation of the Baptism by Fire illuminates and warms us all.

The Mother’s Pandemonium contribution, to the Plague that wasn’t, included a time-out for nearly everyone – the rush of modern life grinds to a halt, and we would do well to notice the Miracle of the gift of time for reflection.

Meanwhile, Trust your intuition. That’s why you have it. The baptism of Holy Breath is the heaven within, … a wonder that is yours to awaken. Christ’s Second Becoming, in the ethereal, or thought, world. “Not I, but Christ in me” needs to be understood as an already given. We are all called to be Mother and Son, for as the microcosm They are our true nature.

Having choices, the human being has become the leading edge of the Creation. Keep in mind that the Spectre of the Beast from the Abyss is our freedom of choice. Choices we create that never before existed, the Abyss being the realm of the Uncreated and Yet to be Formed.

To the Mystery, this human freedom is an endless source of Surprise! They don’t know what we will choose. They just know that it will be remarkable and unique, worthy of love, and on occasion: Justice.

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