A riddle of no little importance

A riddle of no little importance …

How can “Anthroposophy” help humanity in the circumstances of the present day?

One way is to recognize that the truth has a lot of friends. Even more crucial, it is essential to see/know the way the wind and tides of future history are in movement. We all ride seas of change, and if we can understand how to pull together, much can be accomplished that would otherwise fail. Divided we fall, united we rise … has never before been more true.

The underlying fact to appreciate is the role and nature of the Evolution of Consciousness.

Most of the conceptions we have about modern existence are based upon the idea that what the News, or scholars, tell us is going on at this time is the truth. Wars of conquest, famine, plague, and death, are everywhere; and, China and the USA are locked in an economic battle, which the former seems to be winning.

World leaders, whether in politics, or economics, or the arts, or knowledge, are the cause of much that happens – supposedly. Individuals lead and dominate, while the rest of us are reduced to workers, consumers, and cannon fodder for the endless wars over resources.

From a spiritual point of view, the actual essence is the individual biography of everyone, … famous, notorious, or otherwise unknown. We live in an Age, that Rudolf Steiner called: the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul. Each individual biography then is precious to the Mystery, such that what we tend to think of as important are secondary phenomena, not primary.

A wordless man watching life go by, while sitting on a stoop. An employee of a brothel in Thailand. An alcoholic singer, down on her luck. The postman that delivers your mail. The wasted crack-addict.

Each is a node of consciousness, living the experiences in this life, that will enable them to choose to develop this “consciousness soul”, which can be described as the awakening of the true and the good in the heart’s mind.

Each is born, only to die. Each will have circumstances of birth, some in wealth, others in horrible poverty. They all will live their life one day at a time, and each day, one moment at a time.

They will have an interior life of thoughts, feelings, and impulses of the will. They will have family and friends, and be part of a culture, a language, and a way of life. They will grow old, and suffer disease and disappointments. Perhaps endure children, a spouse, and/or an employer who abuses them.

Fundamentally, to the Mystery, each person is unique, and each biography is individual. So when the Buddha points out, in the First Noble Truth, that life is suffering, and Henry David Thoreau that most live lives of quiet desperation, … they are pointing to what is for Everyone something inescapable.

The details vary. What John the Baptist observed, that the One coming after him will Baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath, … this is the time in which we live. The Hopi call it: “The Day of Purification”,

Life is the forge and hammer, and the metal is the human spirit that is immortal.

The Covid Mystery a great Fire, consuming all Ways of life, and creating apparent chaos midst aged and sclerotic forms of order. The dreaded “Climate Change” is Her, the Mother, who is also Rogue Weather, the Four Horsemen, the magical Chaos (providence) of life, and the Gate of Death.

We have lost sight of the Divine Feminine, making our Gods mostly male. Father, Son, and ?Holy Spirit/natural science?. Nature has an interior sentient, self-consciousness, just as do we.

Most anthroposophists have friends who are not interested in Steiner. The Anthroposophical Society is itself divided against itself, over the true nature of the Covid Mystery. Many people don’t want to admit the level of evil in the world. Far too many people believe the human being is only matter, without spirit.

When you meet someone who looks to outer space in order to find amazing intelligence, … just ask them why they think/believe that the human being is the only self-aware sentient interior consciousness in the near-space environment?

Then point a finger at Nature, and say She Waits for us to see/remember Her. Just keep in mind that She prefers romance and courtship, to the rape and pillage of Her many Gifts.

Time for the human being to grow up. And, for Christians to remember to Wash the Feet of those in need.

To me the decision in Dornach, to ignore those voices that understood the medical realities of the alleged pandemic, is akin to the disciples that denied the Christ – the Truth, after the crucifixion. This refusal is everywhere in the world today, not just among Steiner folk.

It is an action/choice that we need to see through, by learning to Judge Not. So what that the official plague narrative divides us against each other – masked and masked, vaccinated or not, rich or poor, … each is forced to make choices, and the brutal agony of those choices is their personal anvil, fire, and quenching water.

This Dornach action is hauntingly similar to the Roman Church that made peace with Hitler and company. Like many institutions, the Anthroposophical Society was preserved, as were the jobs and the momentum, by bowing to convention and thereby avoiding trouble with authorities. This is especially curious, given what Steiner said about the mental/spiritual errors – regarding vaccinations and such – lurking in modern science, and society.

Again, it is the choosing that forges our metal, there actually being no right answers, … no moral rule that is to be applied to all.

Meanwhile, anthroposophical doctors, who saw through the noise and the falsehoods, are losing their right to practice medicine. In effect, the medical section will find in the future, that having taken this course, they are themselves on the wrong side of history. This is true today of most institutional leaders, in whatever field.

The social form we call hierarchy is broken. This Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch means to tear down pyramidal organizations, and replace them with circle-like, and locally ordered, ways of sharing responsibility. New tribes, not of blood, but of need.

Anthroposophical “leadership” is pointless, even for those who took the jab. The Society is the people, not the hierarchy. Discussions in study groups and Branches will not be easy, but facing the truth of our divisions is the only way to heal them.

The social structures of the Anthroposophical Society are dying. What was meant to be a free society, is being given order from above, not from below. Even such order as the Theme of the Year is not freedom. Each I is a self=forging sword the does not bring peace. Celebrate non-conformity. Parties not protests.

Via the tides and rivers of coming time, the hierarchical types of order will fail. Certain cultures, such as rules China, will murder in order to retain dominance. Not noticing yet that Mom is using weather to bring ruination and need. Can volcanism be far behind?

Anthroposophists have been gifted, and these teachings which we relate to Steiner, need to be preserved with the left hand, and sowed everywhere with the right hand. The Martha Impulse needs to keep the home fires going, while the Mary Impulse has to reach out. Waldorf, Bio-dynamics, Goethean Science, Anthroposophical Medicine, and last but not least: Steiner’s Science of Knowing, … all belong to the world.

Among some indigenous, or aboriginal peoples, the wealthier the individual, the more they gave away. Steiner folk hoard much needed spiritual loaves and fishes, that are also Ideas, which belong always to Everyone. How?

We can hide behind a Gate, which reveals: You must love Steiner the same way we do. Time to take down that Gate, and visit the world.

The Hopi Prophecy expected a white race to come to their lands, and bring destruction. Yet, among these white-folk would be a “true” white brother, understood as the Red Symbol, who would take command of the four forces of Nature for the benefit of the Sun. They would be Sun Clan, children of the Sun.

The world-wide environmental movement, rooted in many of Steiner’s Ideas, is becoming “true” to the Hopi Way. A Way that notices Spirit everywhere, and that ceremonial dancing to drums is a Way to balance & celebrate life and community.

People of the Cross, becoming united with People of the Circle, the spiritual wound of the broken “stone tablet” healed. The ancient Emerald Tablet awakening in the modern Third Eye of Anthroposophia, Itself a Foundation and Philosopher’s Stone. Community married to Individuality.

Who are mankind’s next best teachers? People and cultures, who remember how to live within the Cornucopia of Goddess Natura’s endless Gifts. Not experts in obscure Steiner sez, but individuals sharing what they have themselves learned, in a way in which ancient teachings are also sought.

Finding the Path to the future is through the Gateways of the Past. Faerie and the Fae are real, and we too are of the Fae, immortal moment to moment children/virgins all.

The world’s momentum, over its many cliffs, brings chaos; and, chaos makes possible new tribes of folk seeking to: tune in, turn on, and dropout. Many folk not working because of the Covid Mystery, are not going back to work “for the man”. One of the Mother’s greatest medicines, a magic mushroom, now becomes the healthiest Way to treat and survive life’s brutal traumas.

Each breath, a miracle. Each new thought, a prayer. Each next choice, a personal act of creation.

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