Occam’s Razor

Occam’s razor

“the principle (attributed to William of Occam) that in explaining a thing no more assumptions should be made than are necessary. The principle is often invoked to defend reductionism or nominalism.” Google

Aka: the simplest explanation is often the best explanation

Suppose that the simplest explanation, for this Covid kind of illness process, is the one most ignored, because it makes no profit, or gains anyone power, while on a larger spiritual scale, this whole world-wide carnival of waltzing with death reeks of karma.

The simplest explanation has been around for over a hundred years. Its basic principle is that the environment – the whole human being (body, soul, and spirit) – is out of balance, such that an abnormal external organism radically proliferates inside the physical body. That proliferating organism is just another, deeper, symptom.

Fix the environment, and the excess disappears in the complex re-balancing of the whole. The problems with the human environment that “cause” this imbalance are already well known: Industrial pollution, in our air (acid rain), our water (improper storage of toxic liquid waste), our food (mono-culture, weed poisons, GMO, processed food = no nutrition), our medicine (side-effects); and, on a spiritual level: education (mere job training of producers and consumers, with our young being cannon fodder for the endless wars), politics (for sale to any lifeless conscienceless corporation), and the apex predator: Investment Banking.

That’s the diagnosis.

Just like the whole human organism, the Earth Organism is – on the surface – also out of balance; and, the idea that human beings are an infection in something living, while being nominally true is not. Consider that the Earth Mystery also has an “immune system”, just as do we.

We miss-name our immune system … it would be more accurate to say “the body’s wisdom”. The Mystery’s wisdom is as a healer of civilizations. Notice They just gave us a time out, for reflection, and to get off of the treadmill of jobs. Lots of people not going back to “work”. The world’s economic engine collapsing, and wars over the scarcity of this and that are being born.

Modern – dying – civilization also has a “fever”. Conflict everywhere, and what with each demonic evocation of another bad-germ, more and more Stress. Political leaders still ruining our ways of life. People with wealth look like any serious junkie … more is better whatever the cost, and if we dress up and party, we can forget for a while those near at hand, who crave our toys and want to kill us.

The Cure and the Prognosis

Climate Change, … rogue weather being just a foretaste. Got to clean the wounds, before putting on the dressing. In the Temple of the former Planet, which we call the Asteroid Belt, the poets wove Atlantis, or a Water Rite, while today they weave Fire signs, as the social order burns, via cauterization.

Individual choice is here. Maybe the best social-medicine is found in seeking good company, so we aren’t alone while this dancing with death burns itself out, and from the ashes of which the Phoenix of a reborn civilization arises.

The Plague a mere appetizer, for a meal of personal trials, well prepared by Divine Chefs. No one avoids dessert … the Gate of Death, and the Mystery of what happens next.

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