The Mystery of America – the Spirit of Place, and Time.

The Mystery of America – the Spirit of Place, and Time.

by Joel A. Wendt: White-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

[This work was inspired by the efforts of Stuart Weeks, and his crew of artists and other malcontents. America is in trouble, but Stuart’s “Center for American Studies in Concord”, is a place where thinkers and doers gather to evolve our way of thinking about America, and about human nature. In the face of the lurking dragon of medical tyranny, we are to remind ourselves of the unconquerable, and transcendental, spirit of ordinary Americans.]

Make no mistake … the following assumes that Karma and Reincarnation are real, and that the essence of the human being is an individualizing immortal spirit.

To understand then, the Mystery of America, means to reconstruct our historical gaze, with different basic ideas. Still, the essence of science is doubt, so please consider the following as an alternate theory of our time, that the reader should actively Not Believe. Better a Tale, instead of THE TRUTH!!!

Atlantis was a civilization that was too destructive of the Sphere of Life, … as a consequence that era was erased from memory, yet lingers in legend. The main significance of this is that “Western” civilization is itself now failing, or as Goethe might put it: Dying into a New Becoming.

Atlantis was land in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and our bodies were not like they are today. Their priests knew the end was at hand, and so led migrations to the East and the West. The migrations to the East produced Mystery Centers, from which all the post -Atlantean civilizations arose. These Centers were first in an area near the Gobi desert, inspiring the ancient Chinese, Indian, and following civilizations.

Those who went West, into the Americas, were different in nature from those who went East. As some of the Hopi lore has it, there was a spiritual (wisdom) stone tablet that had been broken into two pieces – one part went East, the other West.

The destiny, of those people who went East, was to develop civilizations that would foster individualization, and ultimately the separation from Nature (and each other) we feel today. This development of the “I” is best symbolized by a cross, … Christ – the Maker – being the archetype of the human spirit.

Those who went West, remained spiritually close to the Natural world, remembering and seeing the Divine Mystery not only in outer Nature, but in each other. Instead of individualizing, this led to stronger communities, including the community of the stones, the waters, the trees, the winged, the four-legged, and all the invisible spirits living in each, themselves at one with the Great Spirit.

This “communion” is symbolized by a circle. What is needed today, is to unite the circle and the cross … the community And the individuality. In a sense, to do this means to unite the broken pieces of the stone tablet (wisdom).

Eons pass, as Atlantis disappears into the mists. The Greeks and the Romans birth “Western” civilization. That the Americas even existed escapes their cultural memory. A New World, and an Old World, although the true nature of the so-called New World is older than that of the so-called Old World.

When “Western” civilization reaches the Americas it stops in its tracks. The Americas have a lot of social inertia, while the coming beast has a lot of momentum. The Hopi knew this was to be. That a white race would come and claim the land as their own. Yet, … among the Pahana there would be a true* white brother. *[those “white brothers” who see all of Nature as a Sentient Holy Being]

Also there was to come a time of great crisis, rocking the whole world into two wars, after which the Red Symbol may take command of the Four Forces of Nature for the Benefit of the Sun.

Today’s Unnatural science has decreed there is no spirit, only matter. At the same time, this “act” had to happen … we had to lose the connection with the Spirit in Nature, so that any “relationship” came into being because we choose to create it.

Human freedom is the Beast from the Abyss, of the uncreated and yet to be formed.

America, in the sense of the good old U. S. of A, is a place that is becoming a People of Peoples. No one here is just French or Italian. This characteristic is true of most of the Americas, as many peoples – from all over the world – have migrated here. Languages co-mingle. Bodily hereditary characteristics combine.

In a sense, the Peoples of the Americas are the racial and cultural children of the rest of the world. We are mongrels to some, and to others we are brash and lack culture, such as the “ugly” American. All the same, the Land is full of forests and caves and lakes and mountains and deserts. The religions here have been Earth Religions, from beyond the way back, long ago, when before.

These are religions of the Mother Goddesses, such as Spider Woman. The Hopi keep the world in balance through ceremonial magic, a Moon Wisdom. It is in our future to create an individualized magical way of ordinary daily life. Will we do that “in community”?

Today, most of us celebrate individualism to excess. This is not a wrongness, any more than being rich and powerful is a socially sustainable way of life. As the Hopi have it: Life is out of balance.

Still … magic is real. Spirit is real. In our time, two-hearted people (as the Hopi call the false and selfish) have come to dominate the world via the manipulation of the Idea of Money into a kind God, the Market, which they control.

They do not care about the rest of us, which they use as workers and consumers, and cannon fodder for the many wars the “owners” decree. Still, the American Constitution is based on the principle that the individual is the Sovereign. This makes us very dangerous to the powers that be, who are not stupid, and actually work at making us, as a People, psychologically and physically weak.

A dark intelligence lives in the ideas of the multinational corporation, which is replacing Nation States. This same intelligence lives in the idea of Unnatural science that we are matter only, no spirit.

Many people, not just Americans, want to “fix” America. Others just want to rule. Is there a hidden strength that we can individually call upon, with which to meet this crisis?

A great deal of what goes on in America is very ordinary, in a sense. Get up and go to work or school. Same all over the world, especially if we accept that Life is also a School.

There exists a community of ideas that we can call: the social contract. When I grew up in Montana, it was: work hard, play by the rules, mind your own business, yet be a good neighbor.

There is a similar contract in the creation of the American Constitution. It is an agreement that all are to be subject to the same laws. The failure of that dream is self-evident.

Government manages to work for everyone else but ordinary people. Yet, by the same natural right that we used in creating the original constitution, we can unmake and remake the existing dysfunctional form.

We can get confused if we conceive that that kind of action needs to happen on a massive scale, and all of a sudden. Rome was not built in a day, nor did it fall in a day. The American experiment – through chaos and metamorphosis – will bring change … it just takes time to overthrow tyrants.

The rational, somewhat at war with the irrational, needs to let the trans-rational into the game. This can only done one person at a time. Everyone’s trans-rational spirit (become again as little children) has their own “style”.

We are citizens of America. We are citizens of the World. Corporations are not human beings, but egregorial (parasitic) idea-demons created by the rich and powerful, who sell their souls for the insatiable addictive pleasures of the will: like power and wealth (ownership). Yet, under the Artistry of Divine Providence, She has the whole world in His Hands. Everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Electoral politics in America is a Spiritual Rite. The voting booth a place of prayers in private. I make a mark, and hope that good will come. The essential Spiritual aspect, of this moment in Her-story, concerns the Ideas that are to be used as the next operating system of public life, … the one being generated in the chaos of today.

In America, the citizen is the sovereign, and the government works for us – that Ideal is the fundamental principle of self-governance. Right now the government acts as if it owns us, and the corporations clearly own the government, and the banks – obviou$ly – own everything else.

Sort of …

Because so many believe the lies of Unnatural science, that Nature has no consciousness or free will, we act as if we can own our Mother. As civilization continues to fall apart, the Tale is that there exists – already – a truly Natural Science, that discovers the spirit in Nature, through careful and precise thinking and observation. Google: Goethean Science.

The Land of the Americas is spirit-filled, from north to south. All the indigenous and aboriginal peoples know the Mother.

I have had – on occasion – the opportunity to engage the spirit of Socrates (Christian shaman, remember?). He was an initiate in the feminine mysteries, and through that knew the Mother as well.

He considers it a grave sign of hubris to not attend to what we call Rogue Weather and Climate Change, and pretend She is not active there. A folly that deserves a major Fall. He also likes to be intoxicated, which makes it easier to laugh instead of cry.

George Washington is another visitor. He’s happily retired, and wants to leave the women in charge. Also, it doesn’t help him in the afterlife to be on a pedestal. Chains him to the earth. Means he has to come back – frequently. He does try to inspire what he calls the Army of the Unemployed, to self organize (he tended to let his sub-commanders have a lot of situational freedom). If you are hanging out with some other out-of-work folk, … don’t be idle, … find something to do for someone who needs something done for them.

Then there is Clara Barton. Run toward the fire. Help the wounded. Caress the brow of the dying. Most of all, … Listen.

The Mystery of America is being created each day, all over the world. So many families fleeing drug lords, dictators, and multinational corporations … dreaming of a better place.

Are we a better place?

We have an idea of the right relationship between the sovereign citizen and their government, that needs to include an idea about the relationship between the human being and the Goddess Natura. A working marriage.

Dominion-Over, or Communion-With?

In addition to being a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, shaman, and professional heretic, I am a lawyer, by training. Law degree, high A in evidence, clerked on the Montana Supreme Court, and licensed (at one time – these have lapsed) to practice law both in Montana and Colorado.

I have created a Shaman’s Law Firm*, in order to provide some details as to how to create, as an aspect of the annual Earth Day Rite, a collective filing of lawsuits, against polluters and their kin, where the named plaintiff is the Planet Herself. “If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.”

The present day crisis, both social and political, is accompanied by “environmental” problems. The idea of Unnatural science, that there is no sentient nature, is a weakness in its overall theoretical stance. Big Bangs and billions of years of random evolution are just Tales as well. Not an ounce of truly empirical thought.

Once the Covid noise clears away, we will have to admit that certain disease vectors are due to the fact that the “environment” is full of poison. Acid rain. Pollution. Side-effects. Excess electronic radiation.

Our technological culture needs to keep Nature out. Got to poison the places where we live and work, to get rid of bugs. And the weeds. And the fresh water, through run off, and on purpose.

The Ideals of the Phoenix of the Future are being generated now in the moment to moment and day to day choices of billions of people, all of whom are stuck with themselves. To the Mystery, the center of meaning is the individual biography.

Remember the Tale of Reincarnation and Karma? Among many other Ways this could be written, there is this: The human being’s biography is a set of personally designed alchemical trials. One consequence of which is that our individual heart’s minds are being forged into the swords of the one who does not bring peace.

We can’t stop what is coming … we can surf it, but certain currents are karma.

We can, however, shape it, through Ideas to describe guide our quest. Words that help us see and know.

The dangers of medical tyranny are real. One of the underlying issues is in the fact that with no understanding of spirit, scientific materialistic medicine (all is matter, there is no spirit) is deeply flawed. This incomplete medicine then does to each, a misdiagnosis, followed by ineffective treatments.

The history – in America – of the takeover of all levels of medicine, by profit oriented companies, aided by politicians, is undeniable. Every sane nation in the world takes care of the health and education of the citizens at no cost. The healthier and more informed the citizen, the stronger the Nation.

The loss of civil rights because of this “medical emergency” is factual. Forcing people to not go to work, to school, or outside, – the cure was worse than the disease. The whole world’s economy is collapsing, because we took a third of the work force, and put them on the sidelines for too. This is not a recipe for health – social or individual – but rather a recipe for disaster, human appetites being what they are.

The American Revolution is not over. We just have have a sound dialogue about the current tyranny of profit, and stop letting them make us blame each other. That’s hard work, although in the coming time of scarcity, where we need to be good neighbors … some to be helpers, and some not, until places change and a helper needs help, and then the other can “pay the favor forward”.

The power of the kindness of strangers …

Medicine Woman [the Mother] Is Here

bearing gifts, the secrets of the species of ideas: Emerald Tablet & Tarot, to be placed in the Third Eye of the Moon Goddess Anthroposophia, as the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians is married to the works of Rudolf Steiner and friends.

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  1. “Still, the American Constitution is based on the principle that the individual is the Sovereign.” Okay. – However – then you say: “There is a similar contract in the creation of the American Constitution. It is an agreement that all are to be subject to the same laws.” That line deserves to be questioned (at least from the perspective of the former quote). Where in the “American Constitution” is this “agreement” stated? …….. Are you referring to Article VI – “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land …”? ………


      1. There are two fundamental forms of law: the written law and the unwritten law (i.e. natural law/common law). American law and most especially all of the four American Organic Laws are exclusively written laws. Therefor – any understanding of fundamental American Law must be harmonious with the written law. Any other “understanding” does not and can not alter the written law. I see nothing in any of the four Organic Laws that supports the idea that “all are to be subject …”! It does not matter if there was conversation “in the creation” of the “Constitution” that leads one to believe “all are to be subject …” because that idea never made it into written words where it became law!


  2. so much certainty … did you know I have a law degree, and was at one time licensed to practice in both Montana and Colorado. I served as a clerk on the Montana Supreme Court, and got the high A evidence in law school. Here’s a link to a very wonderful book: “The Art of the Good – on the Regeneration of Fallen Justice. I have read what I said many times in other sources. Plus, I was George Washington in a prior incarnation.


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