The Secret Solace to all Sexual Identity Riddles

The Secret Solace to all Sexual Identity Riddles.

The trickiest – self-growth art to accomplish – is to be a “human” being. Raise the kids to be “human” beings, and the rest will take care of itself.

Talking to males, whether men or boys, as if there was something more manly, or boyish, they could be … misdirects them as to what to observe in the world and in the own self. Same with girls and women. Being a “human” being is easier than being a feminist. The former is your own true nature, and the latter is something artificial. You put it on, and wear it like a hooded cloak.

That said, all of us create masks, and favor tales of our own life that are unknown except to ourselves. Life wounds us, and we enter adulthood scarred. A toxic male is just someone helped to lose their humanity, and it has nothing to do with their gender. Same with a stone cold bitch. Survival instincts are a gift.

There are a lot of human beings becoming out there. They are surviving the end of Western Civilization, one long day at a time. There are folks needing help, and there are folks needing to be helpers.

We can see a world of woe, the Four Horseman in action. These are not mythical creatures, we just have forgotten Them. We look to blame the individual, or the system of governance, or the corporation, when the Hard to Face Fact is that the Divine Mystery is real. Rogue weather, wars, famines, plagues, deaths, conquests, are responses to our actions. Just as has been reported, through all the ages, via the envoys of the Goddess.

Yet, change is accelerating, while what used to be called progress is failing. Helping a person, becoming a “human” being, is purpose of the World School. An individualized collage of hard knocks and shared pain. Sometimes needing help, other times being able to help – one human hand clasped to another.

We should not just see a world of woe, but a world of joy as well. For example, many English speakers have the phrase: the Universe, as meaning the giving and taking unpredictable stream of daily life. Fate and Fortune seen not as accidents, and just random bad luck … but as necessary and needed teachers, who give us strength to make – from day to day, perhaps even moment to moment – difficult choices.

The world is a garden seeded with developing human beings. The basic irony is that we actually are the right person, in the right place, at the right time. In hard times, hard choices are inescapable.

Eight billion plus are on their personal circus ride. Because, in this moment, in the birth cycle of a planet of potential human beings, there are special soul developments available. Growth we can take through to Eternity. Except, She warns: If we don’t take better care of the Park, She will have to Atlantis “Western” civilization

The hand-writing on the wall is plain. We all know it. She just gave us a time-out to reflect, and now we get to change the game, based upon what we are learning. This is happening at a level the major media sloths don’t notice. Personal lives are in the hands of rather amazing potential … the only problem is, or can be, if we think that everyone else should feel and think like us.

Whatever their religion, or other state of spirit-enforced with punishments imaginary … Hell is not real. Death is not the end. Which for some people is not the Way they need to see existence. Fear of hell, and of death, can be a necessary idea-context for many.

We are, at core, a will that can bend, but never break, a mind forged into the sword of He who does not bring peace, and a heart filled with wonder. She, who has the whole world in His Hands, has individualized us. Each unique.

Being a consciousness, becoming a human being, at a time when the yoke of scientific materialism is being rejected, … means rediscovering a world in which magic is actually possible. Just consider the fact of your own ability to “experience”, and “think” for yourself. We bought into the folly of dominion over the natural world, and this led to seeing our world as separate from Her’s. It is not, and the wonderful idea of Faerie and the Fae (which includes us) is true.

A great gift, to be free to choose, or not, to go back to the Garden, and to know the Tree of Life. To see the hypocrisy of dominion-over, and seek to replace it with the reality of communion-with. They wait patiently for us to love Them back.

Want to know how to cure cancer? Listen to trees, especially the Old Growth Forests, where Her alchemists make Ways to cure the effects of all the poisons we have left around, not seeing Matter as alive.

By far the great majority of the people in the world live lives of quiet desperation, studying their personal version of Buddha’s First Nobel Truth: Life is Suffering. Some few crazy-folk have the Bill Gates psychosis: They let themselves believe that their wealth is self made, and is a sign of such genius that they know just how to fix everything – that is wrong … everywhere else, but in their own house.

The folk wisdom is: They: Fate, Him as the artist of karma, and Fortune, Her as Divine Providence … They give us just enough rope by which to hang ourselves, billionaires included. Whether we use that rope, or not, that’s our choice.

It can be a grave Fate for each of us, to experience this crisis the Hopi call: The Day of Purification. Yet, Fortune abides. To have a place to sleep out of the weather, and regular food is a blessing, many take for granted. Notice that the pictures of the “rest of the world” on the News are lies, in the sense that these stories are telling the truth, beauty, and goodness of our earthly life.

There are billions of folks not at war. There are billions who survived the plague. There are billions who meet Death through flood and storm and survive – and others, … when She truly receives us, many will not return – reincarnate – for a long time.

Welcome to the Cosmic Circus. Play your part, dance your dance, and attend – with gratitude – to the Divine Mystery, the real Ringmasters.

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