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Two messages appeared in my e-mail inbox today (the night of the double event: the Full Moon / Eclipse ), from Elizabeth Mackenzie (a Platonist, as described in my article on the Culmination).  I share them because they seem particularly relevant, and give a good example of the kind of “activity” that comes from real Platonists.

message #1[references below  to “the Unknown Friend, refer to Tomberg’s work: Meditations on the Tarot]

From writing to James Wetmore august 2010

Another way we could look at this is through Pluto.  Pluto is the planet that “appears” 3 years before the significant date of 1933.  Pluto acts as a kind of memory star, a kind of representative of the true events about to happen.  I say this not out of any astrological bias but out of the inner belief based on my experience that Anthroposophia and the leader of the School of Spiritual Science had reached Pluto by 1930; had as it were reached a spiritual viewpoint outside the then known solar system from which to observe the ongoing events on earth, particularly with regard to the etheric reappearance of Christ and the destiny of the attempt to found a School capable of perceiving the true nature of events. 

Pluto can in its double nature represent the Manichean impulse.    Ahriman’s “star” entered the world through man-made Plutonium.  Ahriman, as he lives in human beings, called Ahriman himself to incarnation, lit up the earth in an Ahrimanic light to guide him on the final part of his journey.   This double star, Nagasaki and Hiroshima shone in cosmic space and on earth in 1945.    Mankind created a mockery of the Star of Bethlehem.

For me this means that spiritually there occurred an eclipse of the “young” spiritual sun that is the earth.   In other words the Spiritual Earth was eclipsed by Sorat through mankind itself and for those in the spiritual world the Christ Earth became invisible.  Those of us on our way to incarnation experienced a “losing sight of the earth”, a spiritual eclipse of the earth, but we were already in transit, as it were, and would experience this “eclipse” from different points in spiritual cosmic space, different constellations and planetary configurations. Having heard the call to Earth issued by RS that Platonists and Aristotelians would need to meet on Earth at the end of the 20thc. we were on our way and in varying degrees of closeness to the Earth when it was eclipsed.

Why would we need to meet?  So that the Percept of the Christ Times, represented by the Platonists who were on earth at the Time, and the Concept of the Christ Times, represented by the Aristoteleans who were in the spiritual world at the Time, would come together and the Full Reality of the Living Christ, the concept and percept as per The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity would meet as living beings on earth and would enable a great advance in human understanding of the Living Cosmic Christ.   On earth there was an “eclipse” of the Spiritual World when the Unholy Light lit up and sucked all life within its orb to instant dematerialisation. 

Instant dematerialisation is, RS tells us, what happens on the surface of the Sun, it is the Sun’s role to suck in stellar substance to the solar system from beyond the fixed stars..this reaches its densest in the earth sphere and becomes matter.  As it then passes on through Mercury and Venus they prepare it for instant dematerialisation on the surface of Sun, it then disappears into the counterspace that is the interior of the sun.     Thus does Ahriman bring Sorat with him and the proof is the dematerialisation of life produced at Nagasaki and Hiroshima…he supplants the role of the sun in our solar system and provided the empirical evidence that that is his intention…his aim is that the solar system becomes his, Ahriman’s.

  The doors opened by RS were closed in 1925.

However what we Platonists experienced on our path to incarnation was what the Aristotelians experienced in the spiritual world beginning 2,500 years ago and culminating at Golgotha.  They experienced the departure of the Sun Spirit from the Sun.   So their burning spiritual question, led by Aristotle, was “where has He gone?”   For the Platonists on earth during the three years, their burning question was “who is  He?”

During the eclipse of the earth that we experienced on our way to incarnation we Platonists and Aristotle were for the briefest moment united in the spiritual world beginning in 1930.  This happened as we entered the cosmic solar system from out the constellations and as Anthroposophia stopped her departure from the earth at Pluto the planet that “appeared” and became visible to man.     This departure of Anthroposophia from the earth RS spoke of and Buchleitner took up.

The one who carried through the connection until those who were to come could arrive was the Unknown Friend.   Dear Friend, I don’t ask you to believe this.  I ask you to search your own soul, to search your knowledge from RS and to search also your confusion and perplexity and consider these things.  And I know you will pass it on for consideration to those who have an interest.  Ask yourself where in human history as we know it from Occult Science anything like this has occurred since the immoral  events that led to the destruction of Atlantis?  Please, if you find anything then relieve me of this burden and let me know!!!  I will be more than happy to give up this viewpoint!  But if you cannot find it then let us face it together and let us look at its meaning because if it is so then it has great import for our understanding of who we are and where things stand at present, especially for those of us who incarnated through the full measure of this unholy light.  There is more to say on this theme but I am going to stop here because something that Lynne said is chiming.  We would all like it if there was a coordinated network of superheroes dealing with Ahriman’s incarnation and being on his case!!  But what if it is that we are all the earth has at the moment?  Uncoordinated yet brought together by the angels, what if we are the angelic coordination?

Remember, as esotericists we need only have the courage to look, and to clarify as best we can what we see.  This clairvoyance then becomes an organ of perception of earth events  for the spiritual world and the machinations of evil can be offset by the spiritual world.  But if we are not prepared to exercise this type of clairvoyance, if we are waiting for the visions of others or a predetermined notion of clairvoyance to manifest in us then Ahriman in us is quite happy that we are no danger to him …and so Ahriman in his incarnation can sleep easy in his bed.  If we do not yet recognise in our own souls how to operate the First Arcanum then we must go back again and ask the Unknown Friend for assistance and IT WILL BE FORTHCOMING.  Then we will have the correct lightness and weightiness of soul, Gravitas and Grace, that we can see what we are asked to see and through each other we will be able to clarify what is seen and we will find the correct, ie Christian concepts in which to express it.  That was the gift dawning at Pentecost, the speaking in tongues, the concepts of the heart thinking that speak to everyman.  I am hoping that this beginning on this theme is helpful to you and may prove fruitful.

Ex Deo Nascimur, In Christo Morimur, Per Spiritus Sanctus Revivisimus

message #2 [the reference below to Linda LaTores (my significant other), can be understood metaphorically here).

From writings to James Wetmore before his encounter with Joel Wendt and Linda La Torres

On Aug 24, 2010, at 2:03 AM, wrote:

Dear Jim,

This is a continuation of the anti-zarathustra star e-maiI.  Ahriman’s incarnation is a matter of Cosmic Karma and RS describes it as his Right.  Now immediately this says to me that Americans have the leading soul faculties to approach this human incarnation of Ahriman in the way RS describes it,  as his right.   America is the country built on human rights not historical development.  It is founded on the total destruction of the previous “right” living on that continent, namely the Right to in harmony with Nature which was the ruling human right of that continent and its indigenous people.   

However, Ahriman could have exercised his right and humanity could have assisted him christian/manicheanly ie with the the correct degree of Christ consciousness had earlier generations within the middle and upper classes of Europe worked Anthroposophy with a soul will more than that needed for a Sunday School picnic.  Buchleitner has a grasp of this and that is why he links causally the events in Europe from 1930 onwards with the failure of  the will-to-Christ of the anthroposophists to act as as a the counter weight to the will-to-power of Ahriman.  In other words, had the Christ consciousness of anthroposophists been sufficient, and RS and others worked tirelessly to raise it, then the will-to-Christ amongst humanity would have been a counter weight to the will-to-power of Ahriman as he lives in humanity.  His incarnation would have indeed come but  humanity would have faced it with a degree of freedom , ie humanly, and that did not happen.

Who is free in the face of the atom bomb?  The creation of the anti-zarathustra star is not the work of Ahriman, but the work of Man.  It is a work of devotion to Ahriman in men.   It is a mockery of the Father and the Son and indeed it is not as Oppenheimer believed, and would have us believe, the release of a feminine destructive deity, it is a betrayal of the Lingam.  It is a betrayal of the forces of the Immaculate Joseph.  These forces are the prepubescent forces of everymans childhood.  They are the forces brought to the Temple by the 12 year old Jesus boys, for both boys were there.   

 It is these forces that men betray in themselves, the Nathan forces, and then in turn men betray men, the betrayal through brotherhood.    Now the nearest we have in Occult History and Science is the betrayal of the Atlantean oracles that led to the destruction of Atlantis.  But , my God we are now in the Consciousness  Soul!!  

We, who came to Earth through this unholy light have a destiny that was not foreseen.  Men betrayed men during the period of the late 19th and early 20thc but not even RS could foresee the actual manner of the betrayal that would come after  1933, yet he knew it could be ameliorated if there was sufficient will-to Christ amongst humanity and the worst effects, in the science of war, its Mars effects, could be offset by the School of Spiritual Science.  He pleaded at the Christmas Conference for 25 years and a paltry amount of money; the Spiritual World was willing, it was men who were not.   The hunger and thirst of the anthroposophists was not sufficient, they were not poor enough in spirit  to become children of God, to be the peacemakers needed.  The mockery of the Star of Bethlehem was raised; the mockery of the Woman clothed in the Sun was raised and Oppenheimer named the unholy light feminine and fools believed him.  It was Lucifer in men who gloated over their unholy creation; the cold warmth of which still floods cosmic space.

So chaps, indeed you seek Sophia, a forgiving feminine, but I tell you this, there is no forgiving feminine, only the Father forgives.  Let us proceed on this basis.  Men betray men, women and children bore and continue to bear the suffering.  

Mothers gave birth to children in Fear in the years around this unholy star.  This atmosphere of coldness is one most suited to Ahriman.  It has largely gone from global consciousness, existing only in the parts of the world suffering the fear of Anglo-American irrationality as it wages its irrational wars.   Ahriman is a Spirit of Prematurity, that is to say, he wants always to be ahead, to give to humanity intelligence that  humanity is not morally mature enough to handle.  For these reasons I place his birth close to the time of his star as a continuation of the mockery of Christ’s birth, thus I place it  in my generation and not at the turn of the Millenium.  I place his maturity, his consciousness soul/ spirit self, at the turn and I cite the destruction of the Twin Towers as a sign.  I cite the collapse of the world economy as a further sign of his maturity. 

He, as it were, had worked societally in the realm of the Father, as outlined in the Shepherds Fire, and through America which is the powerhouse of the world economy.  The clever “financial instruments” that allowed the world economy to be robbed blind under the noses of all sleeping politicians are signs of his work. The effects of this are ongoing.  Now I am going to diverge radically, for Pluto has such capacity in its orbit.

We who came to Earth through the Eclipse of the World experienced a sudden loss of vision of the earth.  We were in transit and we experienced this sudden loss in different spiritual constellations and with different planetary configurations active in the constellations. Those who were doing the quick return spoken of by RS at the end of his life were in similar, if not deeper darkness of vision.  Those who were preparing but had not been in incarnation during the time of RS had, as it were, a longer view of the events germinating on earth in the 20th c. Nevertheless we ALL experienced the Eclipse. However what arose in us at that moment, with the help of the Aristoteleans in the spiritual world, was the eclipse at the moment of Golgotha outlined in the 5th Gospel.  This arose in us.   As with an eclipse on earth the demonic forces rise.  We came to Earth through the cosmic demonic rising forces from the 2nd WW made visible by the eclipse of the Earth by the anti-zarathustra star and Sorat; we travelled through the intolerable anguish of the souls of the mass murdered and only with the help of the Golgotha eclipse could we garner the strength and light to travel on.  Only the truth shining from the 5th Gospel enabled us to continue to birth in Ahriman’s time.  It was not any fear of Ahriman himself that was countering us, for it is his right to enter the sphere of the Son, cosmically as well as humanly.  It is the fear and hatred of men for men that was the astonishing thing.

This is what we, above all, are equipped to grasp.  Ahriman has a right to his incarnation and with it everything changes for Ahriman himself.  As a cosmic being his cosmic path of redemption becomes possible.  BUT ONLY WITH HUMAN ASSISTANCE.  Ahriman as he lives in every one of us in another matter.  We human beings made the mockery of Christ that welcomed Ahriman to earth- in the consciousness soul period!  Our fellows, our brothers did it.  When will we grow up and take responsibility for our actions?  And the generations of anthoposophists?   Where is Ahriman not shoved out of anthroposophical communities to run amok in the world?  Why is he always identified “out there”?  Why is not the 5th Gospel taken seriously?  Why is the Essene tendency, clearly characterised in the 5th Gospel not already transformed?  Why are the gates of the pseudo -Essenes closed to Lucifer and Ahriman ? Why does Dornach Hill look like fortress pseudo Qumran?  Give me no community;   rather  would I walk as a beggar and sit as a hermit.  For those who exclude Lucifer and Ahriman also exclude Christ.  The will-to Christ is depicted in the Carving.  Let those who have eyes to see, see.  Dear Jim, I hope to continue this as per your gracious invite!  And it seems the spiritual community around the Shepherds Fire wish it to be known.  Given the blood I have shed for it I am permitted to colour it personally so that there is no doubt that I am not RS and have not a fraction of the patience for anthroposophists that he had, nor am I required to have.


Some very special comments on the Culmination Event
particularly the inner nature of the Platonists and the Aristotelians

 by Elizabeth Ancrum MacKenzie

Some Thoughts Arising on Joel Wendt’s Essay on The  Culmination. 

It is my view, in the mind’s eye, that at the time of Christ’s Incarnation the Aristotelians in the  spiritual world functioned as “living concepts” of Christ’s Being, and the “living percepts”, the 
eye-witnesses around Jesus Christ were predominantly Platonists. So the concepts or  conceivers were living human beings just as the eye-witnesses, the perceivers, were living  human beings. 

The full Reality of Christ comprises both what those on Earth with Jesus Christ perceived  and experienced AND what R.S calls the “reversed Christ event; the departure of Christ from 
the Sun.”, the experience of the Aristotelians.   What unites percept and concept is thinking – but here we are positing human beings as the  concepts and percepts of an event so what unites them is also a being..Michael, the Regent  of the Cosmic Intelligence.
These groups of souls have essentially different experiences of the event. The one group  experience the culmination of the departure of a Cosmic spiritual being from His cosmic  spiritual home, a cosmic planetary experience. The other group of souls have the  experience of a man on earth, a human being, an Andropos experience.  In the souls of those around Jesus Christ is the question “Who is He?”. This we have from  Matthew, Mark and John. And this question echoes even into our own day.   In the other souls the question is more like “Where has Christ gone? What does “Earth” 
mean?” Again a question that echoes in souls even into our days. 

This viewpoint arose from many years of carrying around RS’s insight that the Aristotelians  were not on earth during the Mystery of Golgotha.  From this viewpoint the history of the Platonists and the Aristotelians as described by RS  can be viewed as a history in pursuit of answers to these soul questions arising on earth and  in the spiritual world at the Turning Point of Time. This history can also be viewed as the  history of human thinking from one Michael age, the time of Plato and Aristotle, to the new  Michael age, our own days. One could also say it is the history proceeding from the time  when concept and percept separated to make room for intellect in the human being…when  human perception was losing its clairvoyance and the thinking faculty began to lose the  experience of thoughts as beings approaching from without and experience them as  concepts, produced within.
So without too much strain one could also view the history of the Platonists and Aristotelians  as the fate of percept and concept and all the antitheses that can derive from one-sidedness  regarding their roles in cognition. Theirs are the leading roles, as it were, in the drama of  cognition.  
Of course this viewpoint, in the mind’s eye, hinges on and is workable (ie revelatory) through  the conjecture that the rhythm of alternating incarnations of Platonists and Aristotelians  began after the simultaneous incarnations of Plato,Socrates, Aristotle and Alexander. This  rhythm, as far as we know, came to an end in the 19thC, the start of the new Michael age,  with again simultaneous incarnations of all these individualities. 

What, if anything, can this mean? 

At the moment of the Baptism in Jordan the Aristotelians must have experienced something  like a spiritual eclipse of the spiritual sun, lasting for 3 years. For had not Christ chosen a  new abode? But Michael remained with them enabling them to bear it. They experienced at  the baptism in Jordan something like the eclipse of the sun that would occur for the  Platonists only at the Crucifixion. 

(Those coming to Earth in the immediate aftermath of the atom bomb would also experience  something like a spiritual/moral eclipse of the earth by the black sun demon Sorat. One  could connect all this to the appearance of Christ in the etheric of the earth and I am sure  there is much more to be worked out here.) 

As the Aristotelians came to Earth again after the Mystery of Golgotha their souls would be  plunged into the Earth question regarding Jesus Christ “Who was He?” for they had no “is”  experience of Jesus Christ on earth. One could perhaps say that for them the Mystery  revolved around Jesus of Nazareth.  The Platonists, rising into the spiritual world would now meet the completed “reverse Christ  event” but with varying degrees of consciousness regarding the Crucifixion and the events  thereafter. 

I am sure there are many among us, and not among us, who can, in the right way re-live  these experiences and follow the nodal growth points to come to further understanding. I am  thinking here of the way leading through Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition and not the  way through Stigmata and its fixed visionary components.  The Mystery of Golgotha was both a culmination and a new departure. 

So, from this viewpoint what was the culmination spoken of by RS? Well one could say, it  was the meeting on Earth of the living human concepts and living human percepts of Christ  under the gaze of Michael in the Consciousness Soul Epoch. The full Reality of Jesus Christ  is the meeting of concept and percept on this side of the threshold, no longer, as it were,  across the divide of the threshold. Christ is met on Earth, no longer in Heaven. 

But another fact plays in. That fact is the end, as far as we know, of the alternating rhythm  of Platonist and Aristotelian incarnations ( in the broad sense, there will always be 
exceptions) sought by Aristotle as now an earthly necessity. He himself “converted”. He  took on, with regard to Anthroposophy, the Platonic task. 

There are many ways to view this, but one way is that in each of us, concept and percept  must be brought together by our individual thinking. In other words, natural Platonists can  freely “convert” to Aristotle, and natural Aristotelians can freely “convert” to Plato. Both are  Christian. This inner flexibility is indeed a “threshold crossing”, for each leaves the safe soul  – ground of known experience for the unexperienced soul-ground of the other. Each has to  “walk upon the waters” to meet the other. 

This inner conversion involves sacrifice for the greater good of Anthroposophy. It is an inner  task for individuals who may find, in this life, an outer expression of this in the meeting of  Platonist with Aristotelian.  Regardless, out of this certainly sacrificial process in RS we have gained Anthroposophy as  we know it. 

This has little to do with the Society, except as context for such meetings, and as Joel’s  essay points out there are other contexts. However whilst it may have little to do with the  Society I believe it has everything to do with the Movement, for not all Platonists or  Aristotelians are anthroposophists. Many natural Platonists within the AS have been  excluded, expelled or had life made intolerable within the AS…but then so have a number of  Aristotelians! 

Did the culmination spoken of by RS take place? Well Christ is certainly not the property of  the AS and its members or former members. So I have no doubt that many “living human  percepts” have met many “living human concepts” out in the wide world. The question for  Anthroposophists, it seems to me, can only be whether such meetings took or are taking  place with a sufficient degree of consciousness within the world of Anthroposophy to give  to the rest of the world what it needs. 

Is it necessary to identify a further incarnation of RS to “ground” this culmination in his  being? That must be an open question for each individual, to cover which the Scots have a 
well known line of poetry,  “The best- laid schemes o’ mice and men gang aft agley..” 
To me, the meeting of Prokofieff and von Halle is a meeting in this context but is a terrifically  sad caricature. Sad not because they represent the best of the two streams, but sad  because they do not. 

E.A.MacKenzie  Easter Tides 2014

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