the Judith von Halle Mystique-Mistake

The Judith von Halle Mystique-Mistake. When Rudolf Steiner died, the core folk leading the Anthroposophical Society and Class fell into conflict. Within ten years folks had been booted out of these communities, and National Societies had left/been forced-out of the dying social form. The is no greater fact revealing the failure of the Christmas Conference […]

wandering in the conceptual jungles of psyche-speak

There can be serious misconceptions held by the person whose “feelings” are the core “symptom”. So when someone describes themselves as sad, glad, mad, or bad, what the actual objective state of the psyche is may be infected with how our culture has taught us to see ourselves. Modern folk have – to speak kindly […]

the role of sentiment in film arts, a review of Star Wars IX, The Rise of Skywalker

The Role of Sentiment in Film Arts, a review of Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker J. J. Abrams co-wrote and directed this, the last of nine Star Wars films following the basic Saga, which began in 1977, and was labeled Star Wars IV. Star Wars III came out in 2005. The films got […]

cosmic humor

so .,.. there is this sort of committee, whose main offices are a very tall castle in Faerie, yet it also has the deepest dungeons …. the chairmanship, as it were, rotates according to the spiritual lunar cycles, which are – being non-material – perfect spacial figures, composed of layers of ellipsoid tori (plural of […]

a world in denial

This is in response to a New York Times article, where an odd collection of thinkers/movers/shakers/ and other kinds of normal idiots, tell us about the future that is coming. Most of their views are distopian, at best. If we add up the whole set of predictions, in a careful Way, we will note […]