Dear Lord, Please Save Us All from “Experts”

Dear Lord, Please Save Us All from “Experts” An expert, in general, is a peculiar type of … of what? They are expected to know what they are talking about. So, in a sense, the expert has/gets to define/represent the area of their expertise. Usually, there is a “field” of interest, in which the expert […]

Anthroposophical Madness***

Anthroposophical Madness*** ***[ Tiger-Saucy, the last fairy teacher of shamans has noted that the Eight Gates of Faerie come in four pairs, one of which is sanity&madness. The other three are: living&dying; remembering&forgetting: and, waking and sleeping. The Egyptian priest spirit-helper reminds me that there is a relationship between these four pairs, and the classical […]

the big lie

I’ve been thinking a bit about the logic of the situation, in the sense of how much truth are we getting. When I was growing up in Montana, around the time of the Korean war, I was taught how to tell if a politician was lying: His mouth is open. The Pentagon Papers established that […]