Passing through the Student Debt Crisis with some Sanity

Passing through the Student Debt Crisis with some Sanity

Modern life has problems … one of which is student debt. There is a lie hidden there, which is that if you go into great debt, you will get a good “education”, and become better equipped for a “job”. Meanwhile, you really are not educated, just “trained”.

Whether in school or out, self-education is the best if you want an actual education.

Self-Education is not effortless. Reading books helpful. Obtaining the best books not so easy. That is where the effort begins and ends. Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit” has this idea: “feed your head”. A book is the doorway to another universe. That’s the real “multiverse”.

One of the oldest books is called the Tarot, and has as Its first symbol a Juggler, or Magician. The essence-name is: “Play”. The last symbol, sometimes called the Universe, has as its essence-name: “Dance”.

Modern “education” is really just the training of the soul, so as to fit into that culture’s paradigm. In the “middle-ages” – of the development of “Western” civilization – there were recognized to be Seven Liberal Arts: The “Trivium” … Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, and the “Quadrivium” … Number, Geometry, Music, and Cosmology. These Arts are a gate to an actual education

Wooden Books, an imprint of Bloomsbury, sells these two books, each about 400 pages long, and filled with wonderful art and “diagrams”. The cost plus shipping on Amazon is under $40.00. The writers of each article or sub-article are experts. Smaller books are around $14.00, and very enticing. I’ve spent about $250.00 altogether in the last year, in part because I love books and these are beautifully written and illustrated.

They are a library, and a place where the “head” can joyously play. Open them up, scan through the pages, and if you see something of interest, hang out there for a while. Then take your magic lamp smart phone and wander in wonder.

Self-education is also about your “self”, not about what someone else thinks you should be or do. There are two mystery books about your individual self that only you get to read, study, and write. Their essence names are: The Book of the Own Life, and The Book of the Own Soul.

For the first you study your life story, seeing that as a story about a “stranger”. This helps one to keep a distance, and find some objectivity.

In the second you study your own inner life – the processes of thinking, feeling, and willing. In the ancient Hermetic Science of the Egyptians, the element Fire is a symbol for the will. The element Air is a symbol for the intellect, and the element Water is the symbol for feeling. These three combine into the element Earth, which is consciousness.

$22.00 plus shipping, read for free on line:

If you are an English is your second third fifth etc. language, here’s an opportunity to develop those skills.

Most of us live somewhere in the world. Each such place has its own spiritual Nature, even if the false religion unnatural science sez otherwise. In the oldest stories of that culture are tales of magic creatures and entities of various kinds and orders, including tricksters and what the Quran calls: “the sneaking whisperer from among the Djinn and mankind”.

Carl Sagan called it: “The Demon Haunted World”. Do we have to ask what makes Crop Circles and UFOs? Some traditions (the older make this more likely) conceive of an Underworld, or the Lost Cities, … even the words Faerie and the Fae are apt. When we started blowing up atomic bombs, we created a temporary forced Gateway into this Underworld. That is where the UFOs got in. These are living – formerly invisible – beings, forced to use their consciousness (see above) to appear to be physical.

These are Beings of the Air Realm, while Crop Circles are made by Beings of the Water Realm. Some of these Beings have a trickster nature, a quality most human Earth Religions – such as aboriginal peoples – recognized. The Beings of the Fire Realm are the most fearsome. The ancient Greeks called these: Titans.

Consider these riddles: What if the Earth Being is Sentient? What if “behind” Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman (famine, plague, conquest, and death) the Gate of Death, and Earthquakes, is a universe of spirits, from gnomes to gods and goddesses?

The idea of Karma and Reincarnation is true, yet in our Age, many need to believe there is just the one life. Your choice, via your own “education”.

There are films, in which a “scientist” announces that he has proved the existence of an “afterlife” (e.g. “The Discovery”). There follows a mass number of suicides all over the world. Some in groups. Many as individuals. Here’s the Mystery of Existence, as regards this serious choice and step in life.

There is a wonderful guided-meditation Film on existence: “Another Earth”. It wonders about fate, and who we are, and what our Earth is and what is life all about. Amazing conversations on ideas, particularly about coping via surrender to implacable circumstances, that can not be avoided, yet somehow it is our choices that have the most consequences.

I. If you believe this is true, just keep in mind that you are here voluntarily.

II. Your “higher” self knew that this epoch of earth existence – in the evolution of human conscious – is unique.

III. This is the actual cause of the alleged over-population crisis. Very many spirit beings are here because this particular life-lesson is special.

IV. Essentially each individualized biography is a Rite of Transformation of the Immortal Spirit, a Rite sacred to the Gods Themselves.

V. It has the essence name: “Event and Aftermath: The Creation of Love through Crisis.

VI. Each individual is in a particular culture, because that is needed for the formation of their personal thought life. The trials of each life will bring choices into existence. One arena of choice is there within us in how we “think” the truth. Another realm of choice is what good we will “will.”

VII. There are no right answers, just choices. We are becoming Law Givers in the sense of our effect upon the world of our personal experience.

VIII. Each will experience limits. Much will happen we cannot fix.

IX. In Hebrew cosmology, the Way of Faith and Trust in the Divine Law is taught. In Christian cosmology we are Entombed On the Way to Resurrection. And in Islamic cosmology we find the Way Through, by the act Surrender. One Religion, not three.

X. All actions take place in the Now. Past and Future are only memories of what we did, and dreams of what we might do. We surf the Now, on waves of Choices and Consequences. Whatever we are, in the sense of self-experience, is our Actor, Acting. The essence-name of this situation is: “Think with your heart, and will the Good”.

XI. Do not seek perfection. That is not the Way. Be yourself.

XII. Each choice is a wonder to the Mystery, which includes our selves.

$33.00 plus shipping: 15 essays, 5 short stores and one poem … a magical coffee table book … no pictures just Dangerous Ideas

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