America, the Real

History is a stream of changes, whose outer appearance fails to reveal the mystery inherent.

This stream has much life, some creatures who come and go, others more permanent features. Does a rock, or a fish, or a waterfall rule the course of the river?

The stream of history has fibrous/spiraling currents, some more separate than others. Some end. Natural dams arise, and sometimes the tears of angels bring course changing movements.

America is like rock in the streams and currents of history. It is an idea in the form of a dream, that has many dreamers dreaming its being&becoming.

People change the world seeking the realization of dreams.

Most dreams are of home, whether lost or forgotten, or waiting to be born.

We can look at the debris of societies and civilizations – the things. Where human beings collection, there be midden heaps. One persons treasures, the other persons garbage.

If we are raised to see a king, in a castle on a hill, who commands an army, we easily find ourselves as peasants.

America is an well dreamed idea where there are no kings, or peasants. That America is still becoming – not a simple gift for the River of Life to deliver.

Pirates rides these seas of troubles.

Tides change. America is not so much in crisis, as She is pregnant and birthing, She could use some help and sympathy, and … fewer critics who can’t see the River of Life at all.

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