The A. I. Scam

Science and technology often move forwards&backwards at the same time. Frequently this shows up where S&T becomes a tool used by the War Machine (the Military Industrial Complex).

Research money increases when a “weapon” is sought. Then there is the additional fact that wars use up weapons, so an endless supply is also a necessity. A world full of political madness requires weapons research&development, and given the current crop of national leaders – all ofthem in bed with bankers and military experts – dreams of personal power are frequently connected to use them or loose them.

A dictator not killing off their rivals will not last long.

Meanwhile, down in dust and debris of endless international commercial and political wars, we hang out, … the huge class of workers and consumers from which the whole consume-consume-consume culture is born.

Born to run? Hardly. More likely born to be used up, except … nothing stops the music, so while we are being used up we might as well dance and celebrate life …

Artificial Intelligence is just that: artificial. Like the artificial sweetener that’s put in our drinks and food, and which our bodies (very naturally wise, those avatar bodies) don’t like.

A.I is really about giving up personal human judgment to a machine that can never feel pain, or sorrow, or even reflect inwardly on what a failure it is.

Artificial Intelligence is not actually intelligent, any more than saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, and neotame, are useful sugars in a nutritional sense. Something fake to make using it palatable for marketing purposes.

Our wise avatar bodies know, and a sensitive person will notice, the excess buzz in the nerves, especially the head region of our field of consciousness. Stimulants we understand, but some “artificial” chemicals only fake/mock what our consciousness wants.

Science having devalued the human being (just an accidental & random blip in a huge uncaring cosmos), steps even further away from sanity with imagining intelligence is a quality that can be produced by us.

Self-conscious reflective&theorizing discursive thinking – which we all experience – that realms of thinking and thoughts in which we all swim – – – we can’t make ourselves or any real consciousness, even if we tried, for we have no clue what it – consciousness – actually is. Its there in our face all the time, and now we are being sold that human beings can make a viable imitation of actual “intelligence”.

We have a word: survivors. Survivors are intelligent, … and messy. Not cute and clean and doesn’t shit its pants, for the A.I. is and will always remain: artificial, as in not the real thing.

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