Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord

This is going to be a kind of silly story, but also a sensitive subject, as it concerns modern Israel and the Palestinians.

There is a lot of religious feeling running around the middle East, and all manner of folk who lean in favor of very different outcomes mostly antagonistic to each other.

Now some years ago, the Burning Bush walked into my place of work to give me a present – yes, that Dude, the one that goes by the name Yahweh aka Jehovah.

Thing is here, the Burning Bush can do what ever He/She wants to do, so don’t blame me – a voice like His body was a resonating cathedral, and the eyes, good grief … irises of blue in crystal, bottomless, foreboding – each word spokeshreds all defenses – all my flaws revealed, and … well, there is more but not …

Now for a lot of folks the Idea that the God of the Old Testament is around and active is totally unbelievable. Can’t be true.

Fine, but just suppose – here’s where we get into the fun part …

Hovering over this whole outrageous religious cowboy shoot down in the Middle East is THE God of Retribution and Vengeance is Mine, quote the Psalmists …

Those folk in that ancient place are not worried about the right Power, the real power. They are so busy with mutual hatred, that they don’t have time for real faith any more, because if they did – these sons of Abraham: Isaac and Ishmael …

If they did have true faith, instead of vain belief, they would be terrified for the shit-storm they invite upon themselves as much as each other …

the Wind always rains/reigns on both the just and the unjust …

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