a gospel (good news) of the now

The News these days can sometimes lead us to think the world is circling the toilet for the last time.

The News is wrong.

The Gods&Goddesses are still around, just as the ancient Greeks understood them. The Trump Event is Greek comedy&tragedy on a large scale. Everyone is always given enough rope with which to hang themselves.

Most of us do “live lives of quiet desperation”. Note, however, the first word: quiet. What Thoreau notes above, is a more earthy version of Life is Suffering, Buddha’s First Nobel Truth.

Life is pain, and is meant to be pain. Otherwise we sleep. Still it is virtue, being both quiet (silent&uncomplaining) and noble.

We all ride ships in seas of troubles. Yet, … there is more to this tale …

All our modern lives take place during a rite of passage into the Third Millennium, which Rite includes the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. Changes of civilization never happen without drama, a lot of drama.

The drama unfolds in us faculties of disquiet resistance. We do not go gentle unto that goodnight, and through facing these trials we too die AND become.

Yet, when something is happening on this scale (a metamorphosis of civilization), there is in the rate of change and the level of intensity a kind of rising tide, that then itself quiets.

Social existence displays qualities of momentum and inertia. We get swept away in the tides of others, and still, the movement forward slows, as if we had peaked on a hill rise, and now were traveling a downward course … the worst is over, and the momentum carries us effortlessly on …

The trials of the 20th Century were the peak of intensity, and we enter the Third Millennium on a sea of grace .. on a sea we can trust, whatever the naysayers want to assert …

Live your Life. Take care of those close at hand, even strangers and neighbors yet to be known.

Leave the big picture stuff to the big picture folk … the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Mother. You will notice Their deeds never make the News, but all of us know the daily miracles that surround …

… a child’s smile, a lover’s laugh, a rain when needed, and a neighbors helping hand …

We are not in a crazy world, but in a world rebirthing itself as the Second Coming of Christ comes with His announcing: Mom is Back (the primeval goddess religions are returning), be happy …

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