physics as poetry, probably wasted … or not … posted here and on facebook

so, during generations of darkness, when the truth of the littlest folk is forgotten, shades born in the minds of human beings, to lazy to actually think things through – the ill-disciplined human intellect — the ahriman in us — will fashion monsters out of nothing, call them the truth, and set them living in the world of truth, creating jungles of damp/dank/diseased bearing junk food for the heart of the mind … there are no demons in the modern sense, in the creation there is nothing unclean …
… as to electricity, even physics gets somethings right, so what are the four fundamental forces:
“The Four Fundamental Forces and their strengths. Gravitational Force – Weakest force; but infinite range. ( Not part of standard model) Weak Nuclear Force – Next weakest; but short range. Electromagnetic Force – Stronger, with infinite range. Strong Nuclear Force – Strongest; but short range.”
The electromagnetic Force – the strongest (fire) has infinite range. Because the intellect likes to think small and seek the definite, this intellect can’t yet “think/perceive/know” the Whole. Yet, still …
… spooky action at distance … light photons separated in space, but not time?
Who but the Father, leaves as His most glorious calcification / structure , which is not as we imagine a bunch of parts, but rather a majestic whole – His Law, without which there is no order with which disorder (the Mother) can come outside with and play

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