Tilt-a-whirls and other strange eddies in the Carnival of the seas of time …

To the imagination the transformation of the 2nd millennium to the 3rd is something much different FROM/than our usual inner picture of the nature of time allows. Each thousand year cycle of cycles within cycles is not shaped in ordinary linear ways. Loops arise as some folk’s personal sequences of incarnations are also not fully forward in what we assume should be the regular way.

Someone, for example, who seems to be in our phase, will have just before been in a future time and place. Which enables them to carry those fruits to our time and place, for in our time and place they make a difference.

Time is also not actually time at all, for time does not exist. For the physics go here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/sfideos-eros.html

Change is the better word, leaving the idea of straight-foreword time aside. The Now is impermanent. We can’t escape it, nor can we defy it. We are it.

Life in a sense has then momentum and inertia. When many lives are walked together, the staggering level of shared momentum and inertia can begin to be grasped only with a sense like this: the tsunami of history.

We are ships at sea. The seas of change roll over, and in some senses we are able to surf in the torrent, even as it curls around us, threatening.

We, human beings, are actually very good at this.

There is another quality, for which another entity from our amusement parks is a worthy metaphor: the seriously deranged roller-coaster, with more than one dark tunnel and far too many surprises lurking around the cornerS.

If we try to withdraw from life (many do this), we often end up in the house of mirrors THAT some call madness. You will see them, all the lonely people, often at fragile peace (while hanging on for dear life) via the simple art of maintaining an inner life ruled by visions of dread-threats in all directions, making choice and movement impossible.

The Great Seas of History, … while we live in their debris – sometimes celebrating wonders such as successful rebellions, or even just a tradition that still serves its original purpose, – most of the debris is not physical at all. This spiritual debris we call language, sometimes culture, and most dangerous when it coalesces into wreckage organized around arid and fixed religious beliefs.

All the same there is safety in numbers, and in friends and in family.

There are also rites of passage, for even in the tiLt-a-whirl we can party and celebrate. For all the awful all over the world, we remain blessed … those who know well the sea will often catch stories with their fishing wands – tales of wisdom that help … an inner light for the mind to navigate by stars that are more ancient than space, and live in an invisible sky …

so tale hunters can then speak this Way ….

the 20th century was a peak of a kind of madness, which has since passed. A horrible storm, different tsunamis at war with each other for the fulfillment of hungers that are never sated, however much we repeat the vanity of taking more than we need …

in the 21st, the seas go calm for a while … we’ve go to the top of something, and now the roller coaster is on a downward course, little effort needed, … we become free of the weights of our own unsatisfied desires, and begin to let it rest … to ride the momentum for an Age, no need any longer to push and push and push …

sigh, take a breath, for SHE holds the Whole World in HIS Hands, …

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