the road is hard, which is precisely as it should be

One of the strange facts of history is that certain kinds of thoughts – about what it all means – are … hmmm … confused, as it were.
For example, all manner of thinking expects that the direction of America, in the time of the Trump Event, are leading to dangerous waters, perhaps even war on a world-wide scale.
Yes, there is much “falling apart”, but if we are actually paying attention, this “falling apart” is less a kind of warfare situation as it is evidence of the disorder that comes from systemic decay and weakness.
Western Civilization is dying into a new becoming, and we who are inside such an event tend to mistake the noise of the crashing and burning for something hinting at a coming common constant state – such as WWIII, end of the life sphere of the planet, a religious war, a game of thrones on a planetary scale – will China win and rule? Russia? Tasmania?
The seeds of the new are out there, but don’t make the News because when neighbors set aside differences, the News imagines this is trivial and not exciting enough.
Factually, the world is filling up with the good as people face their individual crises on a personal level, for it is that which is the mark of metamorphosis on the scale we can hardly imagine.
The Mystery of Good&Evil is a trial, and conflict is necessary. The world must be on fire, for our struggles on an individual level are the center or heart of the change.
The gods&goddesses care little for doctrines, or religions, or governments or even history.
They adore and love the individual flowers growing all over the world. The noise the News reports is mostly an invention of their cynical and lazy minds, paying too much attention to the spectacular, and almost none at all to the daily miracles in all ordinary lives.
“The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”

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