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The Old Man and the Flea

A man became more and more unsatisfied with the pleasures of his wife, yet changing wives was too much difficult, so the man – having heard of the wizard in the woods – took the long walk of the shame of needing something, yet not getting it – manliness requiring decent bragging rites at the temple, but it was clear in the faces of old and new friends that he was not believed, as much as charitably accepted.

Where to start to find the medicine needed – a masterful riddle from the Mother of All – especially when the advice sought requires first a seriously long look in the mirror of life.

He went to Youtube and looked for instructional videos on sex, and accidentally discovered that the proper word/trail in the sphere of thought was: Eros. There he eventually came upon some videos of an old man, not unlike himself, whose stories were many, but grouped with intelligence, so the search found in cyberspace a mostly anonymous source: “Misery Loves Company: the Redemption of Eros” [34 small – under ten minutes – videos]

The creator of the videos had been born into white-privilege, Christian, son of Montana primal American Culture. He had led an unhappy life, as regards – the so much craved for physical intimacy – although fate smiled and he then met a shamaness that explained that Anglo”s [white European invaders] didn’t know the first thing about sex at all.

There was, she explained in a multitude of ways, nothing about sex to feel guilty concerning. We human beings are put together wisely, although to realize such in practice requires seeing this primeval human hunger as a sacred gift. Find a Way to be whole with that which lives inside you, as feelings of the hunger. Who///how do You want to define yourself as a sexual person? That’s the only question.

The basic Way of the Male body is to express-in-action the want, through moving toward dominion of the woman’s sensory body. The basic Way of a Women’s body is then to surrender to this hunger for dominion – to give away the body to the approaching hunger///want. Inside – in spirit – we are not male and///or female, but a complex that … well, we are who we are, and we do not have to like each other – or ourselves, do we.

Suffering is optional.

People couple because something seems to be missing. When we are alone in the night with worries of terrors, to be held and comforted is a supreme blessing. Ultimately the #metoo movement has to accept that males are human beings too. Stupid, yes. Unpleasant Ways of clumsy and in-artful domination exist.

Physical intimacy is linked to emotional intimacy. The Whole Of Modern Culture is … confused about the old and tired ideas of Western Civilization, concerning marriage, … traditions fail before younger generations … there is a lot to be said for ignoring your Elders … until you are one, and don’t like the way your society treats us.

The geography of the physical form is built/designed on principles only the Divine Mystery could imagine. A lot depends upon your point of view. The explorer of this geography has many tools in their hands. To have a lover, be a lover. Choose///or not, the wants of the other-friend over the own wants, or maybe the wants of both are song … if the right seeing is present.

In these lectures the old man learned that the flea – of most ancient myth – was real, yet required close examination in order to discover all the more mysterious aspects – which were invisible & not of the body-physical – something that could be described this way:

That which would surrender is warmed from within, while that which wants dominion is warmed from without …. The Father’s design, for this leg of the journey to Infinity, separates in order for an aspect of desire/hunger to arise that is a sought reunion of that which appears divided.

Is it not yourself we seek in the “other’s eye”, should we dare the heart of the trial?

Aretha Franklin – Respect Song written by Otis Redding Album: I Never Loved A Man The Way I…



As someone who has watched a lot of recent history&cultural development (age 77), I have had a strange feeling for several days.

It is as if the pace of change has taken a break. The by-election of 2018 approaches, and many folks seem to be waiting. Sure there are the usual professional noise makers, but most of the voices I hear&read are growing silent, waiting …

If feels as if underneath the obvious that tries to attract our attention, something massive is re-aligning, reshaping, changing, in places invisible, in hearts where secrets are held …

How many people, for instance, are honest, when poll-folk come by with their oversimplified questions?

Personally I trust the American People. They don’t often agree, yet at the same time, when they need to be stand-up, that’s what they do. They know this vote is crucial, but not for ideological reasons, or reasons of fear. No, it is crucial to be a citizen in that voting booth, rather than a partisan – and that is what is coming.

Judgment Day, women’s style:

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The crucial question of this Age: Why sex?

Sometime, preferably around late adolescence, boys and girls discover sexual pleasure. Most of the time this happens in a culture that hasn’t the least clue how to make wise and learned teaching stories, awake to a spiritual&realistic point of view about sex.

Oh, and then there is what is on TV, out in Film/DVD etc., and, the Internet.

Commerce drives the artistic creation, except not always. Fear of self drives the comedies based upon drunken mindlessness – where does fun end, and … what? Is sex for more than fun?

Where is sex praised and adored in Art? I found a link that is what some – in personal vanities – would call a “porn” website, … for men, and other lovers of the beautiful, the body naked as in Eden is the highest art.

[Facebook won’t publish the “porn” link, declaring it “unsafe”.]

This artist sees much. A kind of suffering that goes with being the “object” of desire. Helpless as well are the Shes bearing the cross of their own drives for pleasure, and for overcoming death through generation.

Image below is his:

Yet, the Shes have the Womb, and the womb-space is a white-hold/zone being touched by a divine spirit seeking incarnation in a specific Avatar bodily linage. Birth the great Mystery, and as in Spring, Hope rises eternal, the staff/rod/seed laying organs are not in the control of the strength of the hunger … Hes have a blessing, or not, that like child-bearing fades – naturally –

and, … bereft of involuntary necessities pleasure is unstoppable, for the situation itself teaches, … meanwhile ….

ancients remark that the human organism is the microcosm, a mysterious reflection of the Whole, the Macrocosm. In the She’s and He’s the fullness of the mystery, and love cares not for the specialized equipment, given that the skin is the stars as nodes of billions of tiny nerve endings dancing to touch, the body made to want &need to be love … when touched with adoration and affection, and most of all: Amazement, that such earthy pleasure exists –

Love/in the form: Eros, linked with death and birth, aided by Thanatos and repeated earthlives spent rediscovering old friends and new. Consciousness is Gods&Goddesses dancing to the rap of know thyself. You are the secret. We all are.

According to the European artist of a science of the spirit – Rudolf Steiner – we alternate the equipment necessities, male in one incarnation, and then female in the next: George Washington fights a war, and Clara Barton – the same spirit dancing !~!~~~!~ – succors the next trial of maturation of the People of Peoples Becoming – is he/she around for the Grandmother War?

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