attitude adjustment

So, I’ve been high most of the day … topping the day off with a scotch …

One of the ways to see this coming election is as if it is a Greek play designed by the Gods, and meant to bring catharsis … to expend emotions of many flavors, and in a sense is a Rite America Has, for our pubic life is a major religion – a sea of beliefs and hopes and dreams, and not all dreamers have the same hungers.

We are meant to be diverse, which at the least means actually free. We pay a price, but if we do the Rite well, and make it more celebratory of that diversity, we make something out of what seems to be lemons … even words can be … more artful, even the ones that sound like mud pies …

Make a party happen. Smoke weed at public events. Get arrested for being too happy.

Now that’s a revolution …

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