the hidden whole of the hole

A hole is a curious type of physical phenomena … it is there, but matter empty … i.e. the space is surrounded, but physically empty.
generally when something is “not”, there is still a “there” there, like a kind of magnetic or electrical “field”.
for the elementals, such as the air elementals, they are “sound”. we are told of vibrations in the “air” that carry sound to the ear from the source, but a deeper appreciation realizes that that which “carries” are elemental beings.
what then happens when the ordinary nature of the form of the ear is physically empty? Do the air elements find the Hole as a gateway for deeper dancing with … with what? Sound?
we have a buzzing in the ears … a fault, especially if distracting. still it is there, and if sound is air-elementals dancing, the what is the buzzing – who or what is buzzing?
there is a sound to silence, just as Simon&Garfunkel tell us ….
In meditation we can listing for that sound, which is not sounding, for to careful observation the soundless sound IS.
we have a hard time understanding how the elemental kingdoms work, given our tendency to think in three dimensions … these beings are the link from the mother-generative beings to the physical work, yet in terms of geometry the movement is from “planer” space (flat yet infinite 2D space) to the 3D space the bilateral symmetry of our 3D form.
from the formless and uncreated realms, where SHE/HE & friends live, intentions of will descend toward materialization … still there is a passage through the imaginative flat plane-like yet infinite spacial aspects of the elemental kingdom, but still we find are are put to get how, used too seeing movement and connection in 3D, however …
that’s why the Vulcan artist M.C.Escher was sent to help us “see” … Notice Escher’s similar form to that of Tesla, should you want to learn to recognize Vulcan (incarnations from the linear future) folk …

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