scenes from the “other” side

Joseph Periwicked the Third, plopped down to rest. As a moderately elder gnome of the Fane of B5, he was a leader, not so much because he led, but because he trusted himself, and did not let new enthusiasms overwhelm his self-care. A good gnome is a healthy gnome was the Way of the Grandmothers.

Let the young be heroes, and leave to the old the best stories to tell. For the old were once young, and survived that oblivious innocence. Might be something was learned in the process of survival.

JP-3, then turned his eye-lamp upon the mind of the dreamer, in the cave. So much chaos, so little discipline. A thunder-like sound floated by, a copse of sylphs in flight, while the dreamer wondered – as always – what to do about the Sending in the human’s dying form of government.

Anyone who wants to be President is certifiably mad just for the ambition and hubris required. What is still beyond most modern human thinking on madness, is itself mad. Madness is just one of the four-escapes open to the suffering. Madness is also a Gate into the Underworld, or Faerie, or the Upsidedown.

Modern science threw out so much hard won wisdom with its denial of the Spirit. Such that the mad go unprepared into Holy Faerie, not knowing that like all the four gates to Faerie, this one too requires surrender. All paths to the Mother require surrender. Ironic all the same, that through the gate of madness lies a very deep and profound sanity, for while the Father&Son give us life becoming light, the Mother blesses all order with just the right spice of wild.

Take a look at our world, Could there be any greater proof of the tide of humanity rushing all the gates of heaven&earth – all at the same time.

Migrants storm the Bastille of America’s fears. The Mother burns California to ashes, and makes sure no amount of money means one is free of being touched with Her Great Brooms of Change. Everywhere an unsettling of the what-was, …

This is what it looks like when a Civilization lets go its roots, and through chaos seeks rebirth. In Faerie, especially this Winter, there will be celebration, for throughout the Universe She thunders loudly: Just be yourself, and if you fall I will always catch you.

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