this thanksgiving I am grateful for the trump event

For a lot of people the idea of “history” being Art might be a difficult notion to grasp.  All the same, an ancient Greek playwright  would admire the handiwork of the Gods&Goddesses in this  “trump event”.

If anything, the Gods&Goddesses are story tellers.  Science declared Them dead, as did much of  modern culture,  which is a vanity of sorts.  With the right mind-set it is possible to see that They are still around, and taking pleasure at our triumphs, and feeling sorrow at our defeats.

We are Their children after all and remain as confused and prideful as we did in more ancient times.   So full of ourselves.  Do folks not see how arrogant is Natural Science to declare it knows what happened a trillion years ago.  Most people can’t remember what they had for lunch the day before.

Don’t get me started on the religious zealots.  It is always  the end of the world around some or another corner, and the Books they thump are incapable of error, the Divine Mystery apparently having inspired these holy books and then left the field of activity without having another word to say.

Does that make any sense?  Anyone who honestly prays in private knows They are still there, and a Book doesn’t listen as well in any case.

Still, we are continually reaping what we have sown, … and all of us know it.

As to the “trump event”:

Our confusion is rooted in a set of assumptions, that come with this Age of scientific arrogance and religious zealotry.  Both want to pretend spirit is not real, and that neither are the Gods&Goddesses – although for entirely different reasons.

Science wants to keep the Divine Mystery out of their theories and mental inventions.  Why?  Fear of what it really means if Carl Sagan’s “Demon Haunted World” book comes out to be prescient.  Elemental Beings?  Angels?  Science likes its explanations reducible to mathematics.  Easier than learning to look up to a Creator and maybe having to explain why – when we went playing with elemental (atomic) fire, – we broke a hole in reality, and entities not of this world rushed in.

Flying sauces anyone?

As to the superior in all ways religious zealots … can’t live with them, can’t live without them.    The odd situation here is that they don’t listen to their own stories, for all the Gods&Goddesses will punish error whenever and however They wish.  If Katrina is the result of the sins homosexuals ….

What is “trump event” the result of?

The “trump event” is a massive give them enough rope to hang with morality play written for full audience participation, by the Gods&Goddesses Themselves.

Everyone is horrified.  No one if getting what they want or like …. although as the Rolling Stones had it: “you don’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you’ll get what you need.”.

Or Christ, if you can handle it: “I come not to bring peace but a sword”.  For details, see this:


– a Children’s Christmas Story for Adults –

by Joel A. Wendt

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