What if God wrote a Book that everyone could read?

What if God wrote a Book that everyone could read?   Seems only fair.  Nobody gets to have special&private … unless, that is what the Book is telling us.  Everybody special.  Unique.   One of a kind.

Hard to fathom in this modern Age of so many Ways of Judging others, in public no less #metoo.

a tale from the Book, as read by this one of many ….

As the Gods (Mother and Father), or the one becoming one and many, unfolded material existence, the pleasures and pains of the flesh were something new – a never before

So became male and female, and male and female gods&goddesses, and kings and queens in Faerie.

Heaven not matter.  Matter only earth experience.  Pleasure&pain in the material body, leads to all god’s Children frying in a pan of self-made stews, while super-colliding in a ballet not even the stars have yet achieved.

Separation intolerable.  Porous Mind dreams in Sense8.

We are driven to partner, to seek someone so as to not be alone in the dark of the night.

Particular biological equipment not necessary for right partnership.  Procreation still managed by the incarnating ones.  Not two lusts joining in the  coupling, but a third lust seeking earth bound existence, often accepting serious trials in life.

Do we see what is happening?  The patriarchy, which is dependent upon dominion over, has lots to answer for to the compassion now awoken … empathy (communion with) is becoming again the right way to live together …

Still a long haul … no overnight sensations, and quick fixes …

patience is required … especially if miracles are desired …

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