real news

The Fool’s Reality News Network presents:

Commentary on what is really going on – for the discriminating mind.

a) we are all screwed!

b) we are all trapped in the Now, and no “now” is exactly the same as any other persons’ “now”

c) we are cursed to feel separate and alone, self-inescapable …

d) we find this intolerable, and then seek where is my place, where do I feel comfortable

e) sometimes we partner, lovers, children, parents, co-workers, strangers on a bus ….

f) always we learn, pinballs in an infinite arcade of mystery …

TV News is mostly stories of someone else’s karma/drama … the science of publicity, considers “optics” crucial – how something looks, as against how it actually is …

publicity whores serve anything but the truth, … well, not quite, since there is a lot of money and perhaps prestige being a “news-anchor” … we should not be surprised as the mighty fall to the core struggle, … why do men and women exist?

Matter and anti-matter?

Electrical and Magnetic currents in fields of eros and thantos … burgeoning life and the unknowns of the gate of death …

There is a narrative being created where crises arise and then abides for a time … the Holy Mother’s Brooms sweep an unsettling upon the world … Weather belongs to the Gods&Goddesses … Christ brings a sword, not peace; while the Hopi Prophecy names our time The Day of Purification.

After theses “storms”, in the first moments of space to breathe – toward which governments have little to contribute – peoples hearts awaken, and neighbors come from near and far to succor the survivors, and millions of Clara Barton souls – souls of empathy act, in spite of the farce in Washington D.C. and Wall Street.

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