a song on the web of lies

 I met an old man by the road one day. I asked him questions and he told me stories. Here is one of his stories.

Once upon a time there was a world which lost the gods&goddesses, not knowing this was a blessing and a gift – to not believe, or need to believe.

The tragedy was that in losing the gods&goddesses they also lost themselves, being gods&goddesses in training. Spirit is immortal, and the mortal can only be made by the immortal, as a kind of passage to something even the immortal could not predict. What strange gods&goddesses then, who set their children free to be or not to be, and leave to the children the invention of what comes next.

All the same, a false assumption will lead to false conclusions, and an inability to effect reality at the primal level. For example, to conceive that Christianity destroyed the greatness of the ancient world is a mistake of thought, a minor one at that.

Here’s what really happened.

Religion was turned over to Men. There then came into existence the three monotheisms, who devoured their past – the earth goddess religions – in order to make God a male figure, and create, at a social level, the power of patriarchy. 

Meanwhile, the whole human being kept evolving – the children growing in spite of not believing.

This event (the three monotheisms etc.) left a footprint in history as it were. But it was not until the male-religions lost hold, that the free act of the intellect arrived, which let individual human beings begin to acquire the “abstractions” they came to love (in the same way a child is first fascinated by the excrement it introduces into the world). The problem comes when we get old enough to get serious about knowing more, and not needing to make our own, (possibly excremental) “truths”, more important than discovering what reality actually had to say.

At this point in time, the next big event was turning everything, including the new religion (natural science), back over to women. The men’s messes becoming a burden to life, and someone needs to seriously care about fixing that.

This brings us back around to the Very Beginning, and the Father (the blinding light) and the Mother (the luminous darkness). Remember Her? The centerfold of classical antiquity?

Fools were sent to help the Rite of Passage the Hopi call The Day of Purification.


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