the second american revolution

The Second American Revolution is for the whole World. Everything is interconnected.

A lot of folk – all over the world – strongly wish the world was different. Most of this understandable feeling is related to the individual’s personal biography. In a fundamental way, part of each human being’s natural intelligence is to go toward that which is desired, and away from that which is undesirable.

All the same, life is a mixture of both, yet still folk wish. Bring us peace some pray to the man who said: “I come not to bring peace, but a sword”.

This does not mean no help is available. Wishes are often realized, for the world is fundamentally magical and mysterious. Wisdom is everywhere: “You can’t’ always get what you what, but if you try real hard you just might get what you need”.

A lot of folks complain, justly, about America. Usually they mean the government, and, those addicted to wealth and power, who corrupt that government.

Part of what lives behind these events, both local and world-wide, is ignorance. The state of mind of someone who has not been encouraged to freely learn and understand, but folks who have been indoctrinated in the theories of un-natural science, including the idea life is a competition, not a cooperation – a natural unity. This kind of “science” holds that there is no spirit, only matter.

Many folk of faith believe otherwise. What if the people of faith were right, and the modern materialistic scientist is wrong? What would a narrative of modern life look like, if its real spiritual features were better understood?

Western Civilization is dying into a new becoming. This is a process of Centuries, being lived one tweet at a time. Trump is a kind of trickster spirit, useful when something needs to die before it can become; and, when what is dying is the two major political parties in America. Their leadership is just in denial.

Both Parties sing the same lame song. Something is wrong, and its the other guys fault. What if the spiritual reality is that something is very right, although hard to live through?

The prophecy of the Hopi Indians, from the American four corners spot on the physical map, … their spiritual prophecy is that we live in The Day of Purification. For the alleged Christian, this ought to help: John the Baptist, in Matthew 3: 11-12: “Now I bathe you in the water to change hearts, … the one who comes after me …, He will bathe you in Fire and Holy Breath”.

Every human life shares the same curse/hope. To endure the Day of Purification, to live through the baptism by Fire, and to be worthy of Holy Breath. If you need details, all is right in front of you in your own biography.

Justly, folks wonder about politics. The same god/man – as above – advised keeping separate that which we rendered unto God (our personal/private spiritual life), from that which we render unto Caesar (the State, our public life as a citizen). This is a variation of his answer as to what was the most important commandment: love god, and your neighbors as yourself.

Fairly straightforward, you would think.

Some folks like to fix forever into the pages of a Bible, what the Divine Mystery wants to say to us. Seems odd to me that something – anything – truly divine would lock his works into text, when the whole world is there from which to speak. Some say: the Genius of History.

The Second American Revolution is for all, although the battle against that which would keep us in chains is still in play. We human folk, now united globally in real time, face the shared trials of the domination by a very few, clearly addicts of the will, of wealth&power, claiming rights to far more than any single person needs.

Two hundred fifty years – or so – ago, the Americans and the French threw over those claiming blood-right of ownership over whatever their might might take from the weak. We stopped being weak, but all the same the sickness remained: the love of money, with its attendant powers. With the help of the bankers, this love was given safe harbor, so that via corruption of the legislative powers governments did not fully take care of the citizens. Mostly politics is false promises.

Why then do we keep playing the politics game at all?

A center of wealth&power is America, and in America the Citizen is the Sovereign. We can make and unmake Constitutions at will, should we, in sufficient numbers so choose. This, us – out of many one – is the power of human beings in creating the nature of the public life, which ought not to have anything to do with what we as individuals render unto our Gods, even the materialists’ gods of chance/random/probabilities.

People all over the world want less conflict, more sharing, and some degree of sanity from our religious leaders. In the meantime, let us first declare Victory, and throw a Party. We dance and sing and get intoxicated, and stop listening to the voices that tell us we ought to hate each other.

For fun, while having a party, we start to consider a rewrite of the Constitution. What might we like? How about: All elected officials have to live on the income and healthcare of the least among us? Corporations are not only not persons, they are evil, capricious, out of control and inhuman. All debt, from the moment of the requisite signatures, is forgiven. For the rich and the poor, as to debt this is no more. Not for the Corporation, however, which will owe reparations for poisoning all of us, simply in order to pursue the love of money of their officers and shareholders.

The point here is not to faint at the improbabilities, but to recognize that merely by collectively taking up the fundamental questions of a society: what are the unspoken social contract: such as work hard, play by the rules, and mind your own business.

What the Second American Revolution is about a threat from the People – to the professional jerks – to change the rules, or else. The discussion and acknowledgment of power, in the American Citizen as the Sovereign, includes that we can have any rules/laws we need and want.

Meanwhile, we party with each other, take up the power of the pen over the sword, and scare the bejesus of the bankers.

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