On Abortion …

for many the situation is obvious, although to both sides that which is obvious is different …

partly the difference is between desire and fear … women want/need to be free, and deserve our sympathy …

for many others, the world has been falling apart for a long long time, and fear that is tired and worn down, can come out – as in how it appears – as a kind of madness. A last stand gesture to try to be true to something in a world of uncertainty, when from our childhood the pulpit has told us of the wages of sin ….

we assume too much everytime we try to believe there is something rational going on. we assume even more if we believe the Other, the one we seem to be at war with, are loved by the Universe less/or more than are we …

if our question is about politics, we need to know some things we might not like to know, besides that each is Loved ..

the macro social-political processes are themselves a sign of life. in the garden of social life, especially in America, people are free to hate, and free to seek to see their values inhabit the laws.

years ago, there was a sanity in understanding single issue politics as a ploy of the powerful … now, … that intercourse of a life of resolving opposites is not unlike the sperm seeking the egg. whatever happens next in America, needs to involve mutual time for gestation.

which is the abortion of the Spirit of America?

endless fighting tooth and nail?

or truly understanding that We the People are meant to be a people of Peoples, without whose leadership, the world will not know, the difficult to practice/swallow the challenging arts-political: “Out of many, One”.

Ours trials are not yet over, “The Great Unsettling & the 3rd Millennium”

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