white trash?

Another shooting. Always “WHY”, but never any real answers. Change laws is the fallback liberal position, and in itself certainly wise. But still “WHY”

I propose the following thesis:

Canaries in the social coal mine.

Many people are psychologically fragile. They break, they act out. We notice suicides. Suicide by cop is also a choice. Drug use keeps going up. Would be good to know the drugs the shooters tend to be on … mostly antidepressants has been the case, which is a secret pharmaceutical companies very much work to hide.

Our water is poisoned. Our air. Our food. Our schools. Our jobs. Lots of minor (not so many dead) shoot-outs at places of work. Rage burns and knows not where to ground itself.

Once again the political class sings its song. “We are in a lot of shit, its the other guys fault, and I’m just the person to make things right.”

Few folk, with agendas, can be trusted to offer us any wisdom, that isn’t based on self-interest.

The financial class continues to enjoy its top-dog status, gaining their earthly rewards by using human beings as consumers, workers, and cannon fodder for its endless wars.

Young people are not stupid. They get easily isolated, and the gunMan (when was the last time a woman shot up a workplace), is lost in an inner space.

Most of us could not handle having a mind on drugs that make you worse, … inner torments, with which most of us are familiar, overwhelm many. Got any addicted people in your family?

We are all walking wounded, and some very few of us just want to burn the house down. An impulse well known, yet even if we are among the not having yet broken, how do we help? Is there something we can heal or fix.

Might as well wish death didn’t exist. Maybe something more profound is going on, and perhaps we need to attend to matters more carefully&thoughtfully, before we leap to confusions.

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