… more of an old man’s dreams …

… more of an old man’s dreams …

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Acts: 2:17


I dream dreams and have visions. What do I do with that which comes to me, yet clearly not ultimately meant for me? Experience needs to flow through us … our “seeing” should lead to “doing”.

I tried to be an Enlightened Master, like in the cultural East. Then I tried to be an Initiated Teacher, like Steiner in the cultural Center. That robe did not fit well either. Sure, I was a path walker, but to what end? http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/fivepaths.html

In the Americas, folks can end up shamans, even if that wasn’t exactly where they thought they were headed. My latest web-gate [ https://thecollectiveimagination.com/ ] begins with these words: Welcome to the Aethereal Cave of a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and, professional heretic.”

We tend to think of shamans in connection with the Aboriginal Earth religions, many many forgotten, yet – the thing is – there is a potency, and truth to tell, all of human beings are encouraged by Her to be shamanistic in their lives. Bring rite and ritual, prayer and song, to all the littlest aspects of existence. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/finalfrontier.html

Why? Because consciousness is everywhere, and the human being is basically the only aspect of the Creation asked/enchanted into leaving the Garden. All birds of a feather, must learn the harsh lessons of leaving the Nest. We fall, we stand, we try our wings, and learn a new Way to fly.

In my visionary studies of the life of the Spirit in America (the US of A), one question that arose in my soul was about “leadership”. What is it? We have sports heroes. Movie stars. Presidents and Senators. All can be a “leader” in certain circumstances. In answering this riddle I found myself drawn to three Coaches, … not initiates or masters … who/when I thought about what/how/why they succeeded … stood out, far above most of their contemporaries. I could not see myself as a teacher, or a master, but as a coach, … that seemed doable … seemed very American.

Still, to coach requires what background? Do we go to a school? Well, I did do that – the School of Hard Knocks & Shared Pain, which most of us share, but also a culture&time that was – if you choose it – a magical/mystical school, that I began attending in 1971, starting with almost 14 years in the San Francisco/ Berkeley/ Oakland nexus, overseen by … well, the tides of the spirit wash up odd debris on all shores …

Write, She sez, of coaches, and coaching, via three American personalities: John Wooden, Herb Brooks, and Bill Belichick.

For those who need matters to be “anthroposophical”, please keep in mind that Steiner did not expect Americans to come to Anthroposophy in the same spiritual Ways as did folk of the social-Center of the World. We – Americans – come to this naturally, according to Steiner, and have an instinct to generate something similar to Anthroposophy in Europe… yet,… not the same, or identical, but similar. Steiner also described American soul life, “wooden”, yet quite destined to evolve beyond that state. All of the above is from a lecture to the workman – 3 March 1923.

Meanwhile, today is August 2019, almost a full century later. Has anything been learned in the intervening days, hours, moments?

Sure. Just as Steiner could not do the work that later fell to such as George Adams & Friends, regarding Projective Geometry, he had to leave to others to provide the needed illumination of the American Soul, which knowledge can benefit the whole world-organism of Anthroposophia’s slowly emerging incarnation.

In the Century since Steiner, Anthroposophy – directly and indirectly – has emerged as a fundamental Spirit of Environmentalism. See, “Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism”, by the American Dan McKanan, the Emerson Senior Lecturer at Harvard Divinity School, who worked for twenty years at this remarkable study of Steiner’s direct and indirect influence on the Environmental Movement.

Note the use of the word “Alchemy”, which evokes the magical and mystical, without the heavy hand of New Age spirituality. Many underground currents exist, that have yet to take the final step which is necessary for healing the “Environment”, of Her many man-caused open wounds and sores.

That Step Involves humanity eco-cognizing – scientifically – that the Earth is an abode of a Living Cosmic Being, with whom aboriginal peoples have always had an I&Thou relationship. We lost that through the enchantment of the intellect that created modern un-natural scientific materialism, but She&Fairy-friends are never been gone, just forgotten … a visit with a Mayan scribe showed me that the reason the Long Count ended when it did, was to mark – a center/fulcrum/axis borne/born in Her re-emergence from the veils of time.

There are tasks involved – regarding the future – that are not being accomplish, in part because the Aristotelians ignore the Platonists, the latter wearing party hats, and wanting to dance drunkenly – i.e. pagan worshipers of the Mother.

The crowning act is to be brave enough to teach that the Planet is a Living Being, and that the ancient Earth Religions, with their shamanistic/mystical/magical Ways, have the rocket fuel to lead the world into seeing that Everything around/within us is living, conscious and possessed of an interior life which we are yet to obtain. We left the Garden, and She has waited for Steiner to bring science to the way of knowledge of spirit, from which then materialism’s vain burning of the world to ash, can be defeated in the playing fields of science itself.

The battle for humanity’s future is not in the political realm – which is mostly just karmic drama – but rather in our minds – the Arts of Culture. We need to remember that She is Real, and Here Now (never left). In this remembering (spirit recollection), lives the gates to the future. If a corporation can be a person, than certainly a Planet can be a Person. Since that is the act of the mind’s heart, neither wealth or power will be able to drive this good-truth away.

So, back to Coaches and Coaching …

John Wooden coached the UCLA Bruins to winning ten NCAA national championships in 12 years, which included a run of seven in a row. He demanded a lot of discipline, starting each first day, of each new season, by making sure – down to the finest details – you knew how to put on your socks and tie your basketball shoes so as to not ruin your feet with blisters.

Practices were orderly, and included complex passing and dribbling routines done over and over and over again, … before practicing shooting, and game play. Fundamentals first. The effect on the player is that he learns to do running, dribbling, and, passing, with precision, while the core of his mind’s heart is on the total game play as it unfolds.

Wooden stunned his competition by using the full court press defense from the beginning. Usually everyone sort of trots down the court after a basket, while offensive and defensive roles start to set up near the other basket. Wooden made a resistance-free trot nearly impossible.

Sure, Wooden had talented players, but we all know if coach doesn’t do his part, the “team” would be aimless. He had also played at the college level.

So, from him we get discipline, practice practice practice, and playing “all in” – relentlessly – from the beginning.

Herb Brooks did something so remarkable, that a movie was made about it: “Miracle on Ice”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_on_Ice

The Winter Olympics in 1980, in the sport of hockey, allowed professional hockey players to be on teams, not just amateurs. The Russian professional teams were dominant, world-wide. The Americans were college players, who had never been on the same team. Hockey is very much a team sport, so the challenge was to get young men, who have been fierce competitors, to play with each other. This is kind of like herding cats, except the cats are purebred tigers&sharks.

Anyway, … this coach got these late adolescent competitors to become a team, so good at that, that they won the gold medal, in the semifinals defeating the dreaded Russians – a feat no one, but Brooks expected to happen. What did he do?

He believed, and taught them to believe – nothing is impossible.

Bill Belichick took on … “the head coaching job for the New England Patriots on January 27, 2000. Since then, he has led the Patriots to 16 AFC East division titles, 13 appearances in the AFC Championship Game, and nine Super Bowl appearances, with a record six wins. Belichick has won eight Super Bowl titles in total from his combined time as an assistant and head coach.” Wikipedia

There is a tendency, partly humorous, but still apt in its own way, for the Press to see Belichick as a kind of enigmatic Buddha. Why speak, when the question is silly, and already asked. Head nods are considered a lot. He’s more likely to use one or two words, when another coach would give a speech.

There is – at work here – a Way, known of throughout the NFL, and still Bill&Tom Brady model this at another level, which has made for jealousy, and accusations of cheating. A lot of sore losers out there.

Even a catch phrase: “Do your job”. Players are taught to focus on what is in front of them, and leave what is outside – in the hands of teammates, to trusting/encouraging their own playful attentions. Belichick’s coaching is everywhere imitated, even at the college level. I once observed – on TV – a college team in a championship game, gather in circles within circles, holding on to each other and jumping up and down, chanting over and over, “Do your job”.

The Patriot-system, as it were – and they do talk about their “culture” – is about helping the individual players achieve their potentials. For example, Julian Edelman was a quarterback in high school and college. He has become one of most dangerous pass receivers in the game, in part because of his selfless personal dedication. In the last Super Bowl, LIII, which the Patriots won, Edelman was named MVP, most valuable player, in that game … because he caught ten passes for 141 yards.

His attention skills are impeccable: here is a pass catch from Super Bowl LI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SiUNdkIwzQ&t=31s , that contributed to the Patriots come-from-behind victory … from 25 points behind, with only six minutes left in the third quarter. Nobody has ever done that.

Belichick helps you be the best you you can be. He doesn’t make you into something else. Just the you, you want to achieve.

From Wooden, we get discipline, practice practice practice, and playing “all in” – relentlessly – from the beginning.

Through Brooks we see that he believed, and taught them to believe – nothing is impossible.

Imagine a team of such folk, plundering the arena of materialism, armed with the true and the good.

We need a generation what will master the Goethean scientists, so as to see that scientific proof already exists revealing that the Planet – our Holy Mother Earth – is Divine, and keeping a loving eye on all of us children.

I would like to connect to, and coach, young&old friends of Rudolf Steiner, as well as other environmentalists, in the game of the millennium: Rediscovering the Mother, on a path to better seeing of the Father&Son. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/shamans-law-firm/

Is it pride that makes so many anthroposophists cling to Steiner, to the near exclusion of all other wisdoms? Or fear, that if we were to walk ourselves on those paths, we might fail, so it is better just to never try.

The Platonists are here. So, supposedly, are the Aristotelians. Steiner’s view – basically – was that if those two streams did not get their collective shit together, the 3rd Millennium goes in the toilet.
If the Culmination actually occurred, civilization would receive a new impulse that would lift it to a higher stage, but if it failed then a terrible and inevitable decay would result. [paraphrase by Stephen Usher]

So that before the end of the 20th century the Platonists of Chartres must interact here on earth with the recent Aristotelians, if civilization shall not get into a complete maturity. [translation by Jostein Saether]

GA 240, page 155ff https://www.rsarchive.org/GA/index.php?ga=GA0240

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  1. Thank you Joel!

    I’m not a sports fan however your presentation on “Coaches and Coaching” gave me awesome electrical chills through my body!

    Blessings on your aspirations!


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