Who Can Actually Own the Earth, but She Herself

Who Can Actually Own the Earth, but She Herself.

Who has the power of not having power. Again, … the same Lady of Destiny.

The Father invented karma. The Son administers karma. The Mother catches us as we fall.

We live in an Enchanted World, that hides Herself behind the Veils of Antiquity.

In a time of Great Woe, who thunders the light of Resurrection, on a world crashing and burning in its own excrement.

Still, there are sacred/secret places, for we have not been abandoned.

These loci/abodes, of new/ancient wisdom, have eight gates. We live them all, often not understanding the riches that surround us everywhere. These gates straddle the edges of the dreamtime, and all of them go Up, by going Down – into and through the forgotten Underworld of Faerie.

Waking and Sleeping

Sanity and Madness

Remembering and Forgetting

Living and Dying

Many are those folk who seek power&wealth, from a view of not-understanding. In the Enchantment, we stopped believing in the little folk, in Angels & Demons, in Powers and Principalities. Who is to own your mind’s heart?

We are now becoming free, inwardly. What is the Us that got lost to the long ago when before?

You are the answer to all the questions. Your choices rule.

What force of love binds us to the surface of the Earth, which we have, in our madness, abstractly named “gravity”?


a song from Tiger-Saucy, the last shaman

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (Jn. 20:29)

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