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Anthroposophy is a science, not a religion. Christianity is a religion still becoming.

When folk treat – what they call Anthroposophy – as a religion, Lucifer wins. When Steiner is treated as an unquestioned master of all that he wrote&lectured about, Ahriman wins. Catherine MacCoun (who was also at the Culmination), in her remarkable “On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician”, wrote of folk drawn to absolute Truths. There is a suggestion of a Being, that she does not name, who in the anthroposophical lexicon, we would name Lucifer. She also wrote of folk seeking/worshiping absolute Facts, … in the anthroposophical lexicon we name Ahriman.

We do better, in the scientific sense, if we recognize in ourselves these phenomena – and if we have the courage we might see that to the extent we seek as a necessary goal “absolute” Truths, we’ve fallen into a trap of our making/being what is then justly named: luciferic. When we seek and demand “absolute” Facts, then we are being ahrimanic.

These are qualitative characteristics of the soul, and are best understood – where they are – right in front/inside of us. Steiner spoke this way, in lectures called Lucifer and Ahriman: at page 21: “…the very purpose of our Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch is that man should become increasingly conscious of what takes effect through him in earthly existence.”

[emphasis added]

In the Christian Religion – still becoming – this is about the Mote and the Beam. Ahriman and Lucifer are in the world through human activity, not from outside it, except in the sense that we falsely conceive there is an inside not joined at the hip to an outside.

It is just that we -the “human” being – are the Gate to the Mystery, which draws our souls to depths, and heights, and widths unimaginable/unnameable.

A present to the Thou of the reader, from the Religion, taught to me by … the big dudes&dudetes as it were, through a practical study of the Gospels:

“pragmatic moral psychology”. If folk want to criticize my works, they need to start here, to/at the fundamental change/process, Steiner called: “three steps in character development for each single step in spiritual development”. I invite, cordially, the David Wood and Bran Fife and Robert Mason folk, to evaluate these essay for its cogency and connection to anthroposophical life.

Have at, those who like the pimples/motes they find with their beam on the works of others.

Karma, isn’t it wonderful … so full of life, anguish, trials, tears, … and personal teaching.

I think that sometimes folks – in the Steiner/internet world – might acquire the idea that I am somehow an opponent of Steiner. This has actually been said, which is ridiculous on its face. What people don’t like is my being in their face about how poor of a job his alleged “fans” are doing in the practical application of his gifts.

His science of knowing is virtually unknown among those who assert their right to teach from his writings. It is as if his genius was reduced to works in books, and not in acts of true thinking in life. Reminds me a bit of Christian preachers in pulpits, savaging the world for its sins, yet never following the Gospels.

Steiner-said “anthroposophy” is not the all and everything of either spiritual knowledge, or a universal Way for everyone. In the total organism of spiritual evolution, his work is a curative from scientific materialism, and a base line seeking a shareable spiritual vocabulary, which might enable many folk to talk to each other in spite of differences.

To do that Michaelic task required opening up to something, not defining reality and closing all other possibilities/avenues.

Stephen Clarke, who was with me at the Culmination event, sought in those years to awaken the European leadership to knowledge of what was the real spiritual nature of the Americas. Dornach managed to have what it declared was an international multicultural spiritual gathering (i.e. something meant to be Michaelic), and in spite of Stephen’s efforts to gain invitations for spiritual teachers indigenous to the Americas, not one of them was invited.

When I returned to Fair Oaks, after a 21 year absence, the Faust Branch was led by the same people doing the same things. What is not changing and evolving is dead. In working with this puzzle, we (a friend and I) began to hear stories of folk from Europe teaching us Americans that we were essentially prisoners of Ahriman.

What you won’t love, you will not know.

I love Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner. My whole life was reborn when I discovered his epistemological works, and the works of the Goethean Scientists.

Steiner warned us, concerning the momentous significance of the Culmination. Basically implying that the fate of the Third Millennium depended on what the Aristotelians and the Platonists did together.

Plato, and Socrates before him, were pagans – practitioners and initiates in the Goddess Mysteries. These are mysteries of the wild and the untamed. Their practitioners tend to being unruly. Disorderly.

Is their anyone in the Steiner internet that appreciates the level or world crisis involved. Is there anyone willing to face those choices that allow a few people to have a big impact, if they have the courage, and the insight.

An internet friend sent me this: “A friend, mentor of mine and a colleague of Pfeiffer and many other folks well known in Anthroposophical circles – gave me this (I’m paraphrasing for clarity) “Aristotelians unchecked by Platonists will lead us all to the furnaces of Ahriman

Over in MysTech folk are using Steiner’s writings about electricity, without actually making a study of the primary phenomena – electricity itself. This is a little like the preacher that has his “book”, and doesn’t need to actually encounter Christ, or the Father, where They are. The preacher’s version/vision – based on reading – is enough. Remember, what you do not love, you cannot know.

Christ needed some disciples, who at least paid a little attention to the practices, there not being a “bible” yet. Right now, that “bible” is ruinous in its effects. A Steiner “bible” creates similar woe for a possible human future. His thought is meant to be living, not fixed. In a world destroying the Wild, who will stand for a spiritual recognition of the Earth as Mother.

Yes, I know. Everyone is trying their hardest to be good little anthroposophists. I urge misbehavior, and the intentional deconstruction of routine and habit. Have a party. Get intoxicated. Let your hair down and realize the rest of the world has no interest at all in Eurythmy.

As the world burns, its time for Carnival.

The “Pimple” Deflection: aka the tendency of some folk to not like someone’s thought, so they find a single flaw in 23 pages of text, in order to allow themselves to dismiss the whole.

As the 2nd Millennium morphed into the 3rd, the world burned. Un-natural science was teaching there is no spirit, only matter – the sign of its being dominated by the anti-Christ spirit … the spirit/thought-life that believed there is no Father, and there is no Son. What people called “climate change” was not recognized as a main way the Spirits of the Air&Water, carried the burden of human woes in Their Hearts.

Weather was believe to be a spiritless mechanical system, rather than the Reality, which is that She held the world world in His Hands. Billions of human beings fell into Earth existence, for the Woes of the Age were necessary for them to experience dynamic/existential moral crises, personal to their own biography. Gods, books, others’ thoughts – were to be themselves subject to the same decay and rot, from which Western Civilization was to become something new, something never before.

A dying into a new becoming, as Goethe might have put it. One transformed person at a time.

Earth Reality is not about philosophies, or sciences – spiritual or otherwise. Earth Reality is not about political or social points of view. These idea-complexes are a secondary effect of the primary individual transformation, for which the very stars have prayed since “the turning point of time”.

All manner of spiritual genius joined the party, whose characteristics were not confined to what some might believe to be “official” Divine Mystery contributions – such as the work of Rudolf Steiner. His karma was to be the karma of those who studied him, instead of studying the world and themselves.

This last is a necessity, for the spirit to participate fully in this dying&becoming, required individuals to choose their own actions. Spiritual Beings, from the other side of the Threshold, did not make/send “chosen” messengers anymore – that Age had passed.

Although, … when an Immortal plays your soul like a flute, leaving behind echos of transcendence of the physical body, … just like any life experience, you go with the flow, ending up with just another moral cusp – what do you say, what do you share, after becoming via composition intense.

All spirit is the same there. Is an insight meant for others? What we call human culture is a stew pot of excreted thought, and passion, and love. There is no place to escape life’s moral imperatives. Just keep in mind that if you are embodied, you choose to be here.

If someone replaces their own genius, through the study of other minds, this is spiritual laziness. This laziness has consequences, and in fact becomes a force of death, in that it overwhelms the individual I, with the thoughts of the guru/master/great-initiate/super-shaman.

If you write it, and that “it” is only a repetition of someones else’s thoughts, you lose.

“One must be able to confront an idea, and experience it, otherwise one will fall into its bondage”

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  1. Thank You Joel!
    Your final quote here inspired the following further contemplation:

    If our true freedom originates within our independent thinking and if thinking allows the light of our awareness to penetrate ideas then we will want to develop our ability “to confront” ideas (and thereby experience that) if we wish to be free. If this is true then surely all the ideas of “the American dream” need to be reexamined. Possibly the most immediate “examination” needs to be directed to “money.” If your idea of “money”, what it is, what it is based on, has not been “confronted” and if you base your life on this unexamined idea then you have fallen “into its bondage” and when the next monetary crisis occurs it can destroy you!


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