everyone needs to come out of their closet

Dear physicians and healers in all of us,

My name is Joel A. Wendt. I am 79 years old, this coming December 23rd. Almost 80. As an Elder in America, perhaps my song may ease some of the pain of this time, which the Hopi prophecies describe as: “the Day of Purification”. Yeats spoke of it: “… the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”. John the Baptist said that the One coming after him would Baptize us all “in Fire and Holy Breath.” The “One” being the same Dude who said: Not Peace but a Sword.

We (All Our Relations, including the Earth/Mother) are confronted with a mostly unrecognized religion, that believes more in death than it does in life: scientific materialism, aka Scientism. “All is matter, there is no spirit” is their song. Scientism (the belief that modern theories are the truth), is a major flaw of thought. It is based upon a fundamentally arrogant&bigoted assumption: That the human being is the only sentient being (a bearer of a self-conscious interior life) in the sphere of Earth existence.

The Nature we see outside our caves of wood, glass, and concrete, is looking back at us, more awake than are we, waiting patiently for us to grow up. If the right questions are asked, the history of the world is filled with ancient aboriginal Ways of knowing the Mother&Friends. Wisdom is right at your feet, among the oldest legends of where you live.

If we are paying attention, we know the whole world burns with human conflict. Human conflict. You don’t see forests invading the oceans, and fighting over territory, using weapons of mass destruction.

Unrestrained human appetites lead the rich and powerful towards violence, as the only currency they value, or so sez the character White Rose, in the TV show: Mr. Robot. Are the soul$less corporations the apex predators, who are devouring our own Mother?~?

The quick ~ down and dirty ~ analysis of the situation shouts this: Western Civilization is dying into a new becoming, and our lives are caught up in that Tsunami of Future History, which is washing over us all ~ one moment, one vote, one tweet at a time. We surf and sail these seas of increasing social chaos, that are to be characterized with ~ apparently ~ too much senseless death.

Or, … if karma and reincarnation is real, then maybe death is not senseless, but truly a mystery.

My blog/writings are at this address: thecollectiveimagination.com … a place where I begin by describing myself as: a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic. There is a reason for this description. What makes us us is from what tribes did we spring. We are all born shamans of those tribes, all of which have “shared values” (which is horrible language) … my mother grew up in a one room dirt floor school house in the Plains of western Montana. Recall the stories of Your tribes. There is spirit song in everyone

Another age might call me a prophet, and oddly my birth name “Joel” is found in the Hebrew Bible, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Joel

The problem with these kinds of individuals ~ such as I’n I, who chose to throw I body&mind into the intellectual gears of industrial civilization ~ is that we don’t have nice-nice stories to tell. We show up when the Time calls for “dangerous knowledge”. What could be more dangerous than a counter-Copernican revolution, one which finds that the Earth, home to all of us (rich, poor, lame, and silly), is “scientifically” a cosmic Being. The Mother is real, always was.

This then is about the death of scientific materialism, and its replacement with the true, the good, and the beautiful aspects of the spirit, that all children know as magic.

Meanwhile there are battles to be fought, and in that War, the vaccination crisis is serious front.

In the realm of politics, we have too much corruption, which itself comes from folk who lie, cheat, steal, and kill, to maintain their own appetites at the expense the so-called less fortunate. They don’t care about anything but themselves, yet from such fertile fields the Genius of History births revolutions, in thought, or ~ if necessary ~ in blood.

A matter-only science is killing the spirit of the children. Vaccinations are only one tool in this arsenal, encouraged by those who want dominion over, at the expense of communion with. The prophet/seer Rudolf Steiner advanced human knowledge into a monism ~ a One-ness, showing that matter&spirit are a unity, and that the apparent duality of the mind-body problem can be resolved through direct personal experience. Or, if you like sentimental platitudes: Will the good, think with the heart, and see what miracles happen right in front of you.

You/we/us/them, from stone to star, make/reinvent a new world everyday, … one Groundhog~day at a time. Trump&Company are the flies laying maggot eggs of destruction on a failed form of social/political order: the Politics of Division. Don’t feed that wolf, … just remember we all have a “those” that are a “them”. So what that the Play of Folly in Washington D.C. is a rotting corpse, seemingly leaking its poisons on us all. The Mother cleanses with Flood, Earthquake, and Fire.

Who do you think drives the Four Horseman, active everywhere/when in our world?~!~?

D.C. is not a swamp, but a self chosen graveyard for excesses of ambition. Watch the Play and be glad you were not cast in any of those roles. Dance and make merry, because there are more of us than there are of them, and all lives are a becoming birthed in the actual Baptism by Fire and Holy spirit, met through the personal life-trials of our own choosing.

Be a together, or an isolate. Neither is wrong, and there is ~ for everyone ~ just the right portion of individual karma. Keep in mind this Law: We are all getting just enough rope to hang ourselves by. An early teacher of mine wrote: Sweep before your own door first.

There was – in the last third of the 20th Century – the beginning of an Earth-Sphere wide Dionysian initiation, that broke upon the world – from roots in America in the 1960’s, in the form of the intoxications of sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll. This continues, in waves. A new age of Wicca, Zen, magic, paganism, … a near endless list. In spite of scientific materialism, folks understand the law of what goes around comes around (karma) and that the “Universe” (used to be called Divine Providence) does both give and take away.

For a more modern take on the dangerous nature of such folk ~ to which I am choosing/confessing to be a member ~ is that we are all born in the same school of hard knocks and shared pain. Let us then take the word “prophet” and update/reboot it for our Age with this name: Envoy. If you want to know that Idea-story watch the TV show “Altered Carbon”, in which the ~ apparently ~ last envoy (jedi) is awakened as a kind of stunt, in a time which really doesn’t know the trouble that just showed up.

Our World is birthing Envoys by the millions. When the Mother is active, She generates armies. We are everywhere, with many kinds of gifts (e.g. women in politics) In Altered Carbon there is a female teacher, to which any student needs to pay attention. I wrote of her wise rules here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/the-envoy-mystique/

Trying to deal with the wider issues of the vaccination crisis (what are these thrice-dead substances doing to the spirit of the child?) … will require taking the battle to another front, one where the rich and powerful liars and cheaters have less sway. Understand the counter-Copernican revolution, for you are part of the revolution/deconstruction of scientific materialism. We are not alone, and major folk in invisible places, such as Faerie, are quite willing to help. We just need to remember how to adore and celebrate once more the Mother. The truth is not out there, it is within us.

Think of this crisis (the Day of Purification) as happening in stages. The bad wolf goes too far, and people don’t want to take it anymore. There is more that can be done, in addition to fighting among the ceaseless legislative squalls. There has been an effect – in spite of what can seem as failure, which is that people self-organized. They have (and are) coming together, and that aspect of renewed social cohesion is itself a sign of the re-emergence ~ from vague memory ~ of this fact: That in America, the Citizen is the Sovereign.

Yes. Revolution. Can that be sane? Never is. The collective social wisdom of human beings – via shared cultural treasures ~ is itself more health-giving than all the money and power in the world. Not all of technology’s gifts are outright dangerous. We have ~ for at least a bit more of time ~ magic-lanterns in our pockets, joining hearts and minds, of many different Ways … who is to say that another person’s Way is wrong.

Still, … if it harms children, we don’t have to put up with it.

All the same, do not expect there will be no violence ~ mostly fostered by the Owners, who easily pay agents~!~provocateurs to hide in place in every possible threatening organization. The NSA is watching. Do not doubt if for a minute.

I wrote a movie-treatment in which the leading characters were able to identify the “spy”, and feed them false information. It is called: The Grandmother War. http://thegrandmotherwar.com/

Other details of possible understandings that might help, are here: “Economic and Social Rebellion”

Never doubt for a moment. Never give up, never surrender. You are on the side of the Angels.

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  1. Your December birthday gives you the Eight of Hearts known as “The Emotional Power Card” plus the accompanying “Planetary Ruler Card” is the Eight of Diamonds: “The Sun Card”! This is your first year in a thirteen-year Neptune cycle with the 3 of Hearts plus the 3 of Diamonds.


  2. My feeling is that the reason so many modern people live longer than the past is to give more opportunities to recognise the mainstream errors that otherwise would lead them to choose a bad future beyond biological death.

    Two such errors are leftism, in the broadest sense ( including all mainstream supposedly ‘right’ persons and parties – all that deny the reality and primacy of the divine); and its major battering ram the sexual revolution, as it inexorably develops from innocuosly hedonic beginnings through the trans sexual agenda to transhumanism and techno-totalitarianism.

    Thank for your work Joel, keep thinking, continue intuitively evaluate your primary assumptions!


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