in the dark of the night

Grief, Despair, Hopelessness & Helplessness,

Shadow friends in the darkest hours ~ of night ~ usually …

Sometimes my soul is an open wound,

even sound & light hurt.

And, … as to thoughts? Or the thoughtless words of supposed friends?

The dark side of the Force always seems to want to wrestle,

but to what end?

No pain, no gain. Right?

As you age the wars get tiresome, and even boring …

A nice thunderstorm is more friendly, for it wears no mask.

Does Death stalk me, or do I stalk death?

Is it wrong to want respect, for a lifetimes work?

Or, is the main failure a delusion ~ that I thought I could fix the world?

A world that does not need fixing, by the way.

That world, all the same, is only in my mind.

In itself this is glorious, except …

All the worlds ~ of every mind ~ seem unique.

Language becomes a useless tool, through which to cross the abyss between us.

Any Art fails to effect change, except in the heart of the artist.

Still: Grief, Despair, Hopelessness & Helplessness, are good friends,

because the whole world swims in such seas.

I may not understand your words, but that Life is Suffering ~~~

This land of the soul we All know well.

A common ground, in the dark of night.

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