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Well, …. suppose that weather is a product of the activity of certain divine beings. I don’t suggest this for any other reason than that if this is true, how does that change our understanding of the situation?

So, …. the interior and many coastal areas of the US of A have been saturated with what some think of as rogue storms. What happens after?

A few folks are dead. Hundreds and even thousands are homeless, and will be homeless for a long time. These “displaced” people survive in the beginning by being sheltered in large groups of strangers. So what Mom is up to is way beyond the “experiment” above. She’s forcing people to remember they need each other, and the last thing anyone in this situation needs is political arguments.

All that b.s. gets set aside as thousands upon thousands are uprooted and forced to hang out with others in the same fix. That connection gets past politics.

In the heartland then a weather generated sacrament of “get your shit together, because these storms are just my openers, and if you don’t find out how to work together, and to care about strangers, I’ve plenty more “climate change” to throw in your direction.”

Because of weather, folk take up the call from far away, attach the boat trailer to the pickup, and politics and the color of your skin just doesn’t mean all that much anymore.

And, …. while I’m at it, you’ve been screwing up the lands fertility something fierce, so this big flood, which knocks down all your efforts to channel My living waters where it really isn’t needed, will come silt laden into your homes and yards and streets, …

If wise, then, don’t go back and build another home on the land you believe belongs to you (when all aboriginal peoples know we belong to the Land). Plant trees and home gardens and rethink all of your water course b.s.

Times to come, some will share, and yes, others will take. To bad Americans aren’t nuts about guns. Maybe the takers will not be too successful if we armed some vets to protect the gardens, and waters, and mothers and children.

Just saying ….



All over the world are folk, who by culture see the natural world in a different Way. Sometimes we call these folk: aboriginals.
About 15 years ago I listened to a native elder, at a Bioneers conference, talk about “climate change” making a metaphor between that and the rheostat. You may have one in your dinning room, if you turn it on you can slowly increase the level of the light, but at some point the light goes – not only not higher – it goes off.
Atmospheric heating, in his view, is just leading edge of a cold process. He also pointed to animal migrations, which suggest to the wisdom of the four legged and the winged folk, that going south (away from future cold) is safer than going north (away from future heat).
With scientists arguing over numbers, we might recall this folk wisdom: first there is lies, then there is big lies, and last&fworst there is statistics. Each side uses numbers to make long range predictions about stuff that are at best statistical probabilities, which means guesses.
That said, the Monsters living in multinational corporations are killing all of us, and the climate change debate is noise, behind which hides folk who don’t mind making billions killing the rest of us. The climate change debate is a distraction, and at the same time – via Greta and others – Mother-as-Providence is making armies of angry women and children, who are the last people our corrupt public servants actually worry about …
So, they will have to worry about themselves, and, as has been noticed for millennia, there a certain kinds of folk you do not want to have mad at you. We are far from the concluding themes of this symphony of madness.
Sad but true, destruction is often a necessary precursor to renewal. Mom burns forests as part of their life cycle, using the ash for new growth.


A long time ago, in the Way back when before, an ancient Egyptian priest worked with an Immortal to develop the Emerald Tablet. That tale is here:…/memories-in-the…/

Over time various other wisdoms of these ancient folk expanded their understanding, and if it were not for a Fae Spirit, using the name Saint Germain over a century ago, we would not have this text: “Practical Astrology” [ is still in print, by the way ], which is the only text I know that combines into a single system: astrology, numerology and tarot.

The images of Tarot in that book are quite remarkable, for example the Fool card for moderns was called by these ancients: The Crocodile. In that system this Arcane is XXII, the last, which is a kind of oddity, given that most systems place it anywhere but that, usually using some version of a dancing figure – the Universe – for the last card.

Except, that before The Crocodile we have Arcane XXI, The Crown of the Magi – see image below. I wrote of this in:…/the-lyre-of…/

You will notice in the image a seated figure holding a lyre, above which are the symbols for the four elements (fire, air, water, earth), in the center of which is a symbol for the akasha, or Causal Source of Everything.

It used to be possible to buy a deck based on Practical Astrology, now it is uncertain. I own one. Forty years ago, I was at a gathering of a friend, who was channeling what came to be: Messages from Michael. We could ask questions, so I asked what Michael might have to say about the Tarot …

… more or less: you need to understand that the deck you hold your hand is a living conscious being.

Tarot is one aspect of a profound truth-teaching in symbols. Look at the cards you use, and wonder them into your daydreaming reveries. They are a Gate to Faerie, a realm ruled by His Mother.

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