ender’s game

THOUGHTS WHILE WATCHING “ENDER’S GAME” (a meditation on war, enemies, and love)

Ender sez, as he considers the arts of war, and how to beat an enemy: “I think it is impossible to truly understand someone, and not love them the way they love themselves, but in that moment … you beat them.”

Is “anthroposophy” at war with materialism?

Why is Michael illustrated standing on the neck of the dragon, with a spear poised to impale it?

Steiner’s statue has Christ in the in-between a pair of extremes, … doing what?

Is the devil inside all of us, or just the world outside, such as another person?

Why do human beings hate? Fear?

Do we follow Steiner the way we would follow a military commander?

Christ?Our conscience? Is our conscience our commander? Is it “independent”?

Are we independent of Christ, Michael, Ahriman, Lucifer, the Holy Mother?

Are we at war with the darkness?

Do we understand what we like to call evil?

I had a vision from the Mother once, … It was at the End of more than we can imagine, and Ahriman lay at Her feet weeping, asking for forgiveness for all the awful consequences his nature had rained upon us.

Do we love materialism? Ahriman? Lucifer? The Dragon?

How can we understand what we do not love?

Bean to Ender ,,, remember, the enemies gate is down. Ender to his team, keep falling, let gravity do the work The way we win matters.

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