silent day, holy day

There are folk out there today, who are alone, even in a crowd.

Christmas, for some, has a minefield of memories in which to get lost.
Sorrow and loss we still need though, … to have a special place in our hearts,

“I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel”

Numb … separated … inside … in a sea of jolly old st. nicks, so we wear the happy face, for we do understand and care. Yet, the little moments should be savored …

sipping some rum-eggnog … staring out a window at nothing. sneaking off for a cigarette, … drifting into the kitchen to seize control of the chaos, each nosy pot banging as good as hammer of fire in the mind, …

how often does silence hide fury?

quietly in front of the tv watching the violence of sports …

yet, the season cannot be avoided. with a little bit of grace some moments of joy should touch each heart … moments to not share so much, but as to allow for a breath of wonder …

how to explain the riot of memories … it is not that we have nothing to say, its that we have far too much to say ….

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