cosmic humor

so .,.. there is this sort of committee, whose main offices are a very tall castle in Faerie, yet it also has the deepest dungeons …. the chairmanship, as it were, rotates according to the spiritual lunar cycles, which are – being non-material – perfect spacial figures, composed of layers of ellipsoid tori (plural of torus) involutions, kin to Russian nested dolls with a regularity that the physicists in Cern would kill for.

They have many names, Coyote, Raven, Loki … geni of the trickster spirits ….

While it is unseemly to some of the celestial hierarchies, the dwellers, – in dank caves and other dark places – do engage in making wagers … can we really imagine Immortals watching our folly, and not trying to guess which way we will jump.

on occasion, they do get to nudge an event in a certain direction, although the “arts” committees often drop out of time and space, so they can argue all manner of nuances as regards the texture of the music on the loom of human existence, as moment … becomes moment …becomes moment …

which we call history … or past, or future … forgetting that folly is always now … oft times continuous …

they do love Trump. Such a chaotic, well trained from youth to be the chief so-called “monkey wrench” in the games of wealth and power … so much karma, such beautiful horror, such terrible drama …

this moment, when I was able to visit them (a dangerous kind of play), they were considering the United States Senate, especially the Republicans. Loki, who fancies some familiarity with Shakespeare, was trying to suggest that Trump was the modern Caesar, much in need of death by … well, in this now it will be by words, will it not …

Coyote was placing bets on the Oscars, deeming those arts more influential than all the madmen everywhere in the world, shaking their fists, so angry that their thoughts become gross spittle for the minds who must endure them …

Raven was betting on the Super Bowl, while being accused of cheating, a more or less true virtue (artistic effect) of which the Edelman catch in Superbowl 51, when the Patriots came from 25 points behind to win, had a special place in all their hearts.

Hard surprises were their tasks … and a good pratfall from unwarranted heights a specialty … so many volunteers too, the lower ego so easily led by its appetites into disaster …

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