the undertow of great events

The addiction to wealth and power leads to madness. To want to travel in those circles is also madness. To be born to wealth and power is a fate worse than death. How do you learn to strive if everything is given?

Families swimming in the seas of wealth and power are in shark filled waters. Their best friends and neighbors often covet what these families have. Every servant is untrustworthy. Danger lurks in all places of shadow.

To live in this world – as the “poor” live – is to live in a place where the insane “seem” to be in control. Kings, queens, presidents, sheikhs, CEOs, … to rule is a trap, because these mad ones can never slake their hungers.

Be thankful for your seemingly mundane and boring life, with its illness, ungrateful children, difficult lovers, and unappreciative bosses.

Down at the bottom of the money ladder there is mystery.

The poor shall be with us always, He said. And, then there is the Beatitudes … which does not say blessed are the mad. Plus, something about how it is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into heaven.

If we attend to the major narrative about the Trump-mess, we might notice that nobody who is in service to the rich and lordly, is going to be called to testify in the halls of madness and fractious lies.

We watch a sad play, only really epic in the minds of the contestants. Meanwhile, when does the evening News remind us of all the teachers, police officers, health care workers, soldiers, and parents, who went to work – whether sick or not – during the hearings, to keep the Country running.

If it wasn’t for the folks on the bottom, the ones on the top would have no one over which to feel superior.

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