the Judith von Halle Mystique-Mistake

The Judith von Halle Mystique-Mistake.

When Rudolf Steiner died, the core folk leading the Anthroposophical Society and Class fell into conflict. Within ten years folks had been booted out of these communities, and National Societies had left/been forced-out of the dying social form.

The is no greater fact revealing the failure of the Christmas Conference than this.

Following World War II, the National Societies reunited, and recently some of the folk official excluded have received apologies (although being already dead doesn’t make this act particularly meaningful). A special point of fact that needs to be noticed here is that these past confusions still have advocates saying that matters done in past have left lingering undesirable effects (e.g. the Constitution crisis, and the lawsuits in Swiss Courts that the Vorstand lost).

This reunification has more to do with “office politics” than it does with spiritual inspiration.

In the intervening years two spiritual tragedies befell the Michael Impulse at the level of the Society. One involved the degradation of the meaning of the term “Anthroposophy” from its essence concerning developing our own spiritual freedom before the concept/idea; and, the second the breaking down of the social barriers that needed to exist between the Society and the Christian Community. For details see Lecture Six, Awakening to Community, and therein the significance of the Reverse Cultus.

Today Anthroposophy is treated and spoken of as a “spiritual philosophy”, which means a point of view whose components are the writings and lectures of Steiner. This content we call Spiritual Science comes from a method of thought, and that method is itself what Anthroposophy is. Method (How), not content (What).

Ahriman&Lucifer won the spiritual war in Europe. In the debris of that war there arose, as the Millennia turned, various cults of personality, whose adherents often would not and could not talk to each other. Prokofieff, Judith von Halle, Ben-Aharon, Tomberg, and right now Are Thoreson.

This has little to do with these individuals and their spiritual gifts, and more to do with folk who – having given away their free-thought to Steiner-said – now replace that confusion with an unquestioning belief that their current hero has it right.

Again, this is understandable. Perhaps even a natural necessity in the growth of anthroposophical Spiritual Science on its way to truly becoming a participant in the dire events connected to the passage from the 2nd to the 3rd Millennium.

We lose sight of method, and look to others for their gifts to feed our need for spiritual knowledge and understanding.

Sadly, in raising them up, we put ourselves down. We make others be a needed living connection to the Divine Mystery, at a cost of ourselves finding Our Way to the Source Itself, via some understanding of the inherent music scored in words: The Philosophy of Freedom.

People eating the thoughts of others, without the right methodological tools, tend to find another mind to adore, rather than their own.

Thomas Taylor, a neo-platonist savant of the romantic period of recent European culture, wrote a book: “The theoretic arithmetic of the Pythagoreans”. He argued that our systems of education, in emphasizing the use of “arithmetic” for accounting and surveying, without some time spent in the “theory” aspects, disables students. How? By not letting the student realize inwardly the nature of number, geometry, and beyond, they keep from their students the understanding that:

These lofty ideas come from the human mind. The human soul generated them, and through the study of these lofty ideas the student begins to recognize in their own mind its natural wealth.

A similar symptom is found among anthroposophists, when they mistake the content as the essential matter/riddle, … whatever. The method gets lost mostly because the social leaders of the Society and Friends don’t practice, or attend to, Steiner’s first four books: GA-1 to GA-4.

The word Anthroposophy losses its central meaning as method, to become the content. In the absence of folk who succeed in this practice of Steiner’s science of knowing, the hunger for more of the product finds what appears to be living sources. At which point these folks gather around a personality that either has actual special talents, or at the very least these personalities have a “following” that believes so.

Adherents become preachers of the new truth, as it comes from books – mostly. Like St. Paul, they teach of the teacher, and assert their capacity to know the teacher is right. Important. Almost not human, such as the idea/pedestal – of her stigmata and not needing to eat – are signs from God’s Grace, that surround JvH, making H(sic)er, worthy of unquestioning belief.

That too is a habit rooted in the similar worship of RS. All that has changed is that a more contemporary personality has become the axis of fixation.

Suppose, for the moment, there exists among the anthroposophical folks and friends, an oddity. Someone who refuses to accept the general failure among Steiner-speakers to know that the essential of Anthroposophy – its core/ground – is of inner freedom before the concept/idea.

Not just that, but that same someone has a life also marked with talent-signs. Some Thrones once told him he had been St. Matthew at the time of Christ, and George Washington more recently. An angel dropped in the name of Clara Barton during an all night session of dialogues.

After the 6th Buddha dies, his/her first incarnation – one of 49 coming incarnations – nearly one each Century over a 5000 year period – this first incarnation is as Socrates.

Folks have wondered about St. Paul, and his story of being blinded on the Road to Damascus, where he came then to direct experience of Christ. A rather remarkable sign.

In this other persons case, there are more than a half-dozen such events, on the “Damascus” scale of being “touched” by the divine. It is more like our soul is a kind of flute, and on occasion an Immortal plays tunes on it.

Obviously I speak of myself, while wondering where is my cult of personality?

Steiner said he would be followed by another, who would become the great teacher of the Christ Impulse in the epoch of the Consciousness Soul. In point of fact, I incarnated in this physical/astral/ethereal body, when it was 31 years old. I’m volunteering. Where the fuck are my acolytes?

Truth to tell, most of them are invisible. Being as I am among those on the leading edge of the current stage of the evolution of consciousness, other-presence likes to be with me when I write. Has for years. Interestingly enough they are here now, mostly wondering what the heck is this dude going to say or do next?

At least folks can buy my books. Or not. You can visit my: “Aethereal Cave of a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and, professional heretic”.

Or, read the writings on my CV:

Yesterday was Jan. 22, the 278th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. A few years ago I wrote a poem: the George Washington Blues

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