Reality’s Open Secret

Reality’s Open Secret

The Labyrinth of the Day and the Maze of the Spirit

We associate the idea of a labyrinth as something that is walked, and can be walked again, and each time is its own teaching.

We associate the idea of a maze with the solving of puzzles.

There are what might be called laws. For example, we are always in the Now – the moment. Yet, that moment, while always in movement, has regularity as a given. Day and Night. Breathing.

Spirit is everywhere/when, and we are spirit. We cannot escape ourselves, …. another law.

Both the Labyrinth of the Day and the Maze of the Spirit are unique. The totality of these is individualized. Nothing in the whole of Reality is the same as us. Each different.

In the labyrinth of the day there are multiple individual and unique natures seeming interlocked in the same place and time. Seemingly.

We can’t get away from ourselves. We seemingly can’t get away from each other.

The movement of change – which we believe is what is called time – is endless.

Because of the Word we have language. Because of the Word we have breath. Because we are all “the Word”, we have meaning.

One of the riddles of the maze of the spirit (the heart’s mind), is: Am I supposed to be something else / or somewhere/when else?

In the labyrinth of the day, the maze of the spirit can believe much that is not true. The surrounding life we call culture and language, tells us stories, and we are/can be coerced to believe a story that is not true.

We are asked sometimes: Who are we? The better question is: What are we?

What we are is the Whole learning about Itself.

In the modern Age, on the cusp of the Third Millennium,

the Day of Purification,

our Baptism – by the Source of the Word – in Fire and Holy Breath,

during the dying and becoming of Western Civilization,

midst the debris of the last days of the Kali Yuga,

where things fall apart, the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

we face our freedom as the Beast from the Abyss –

the Abyss of the Unknown and Uncreated formless chaos which is our Mother and Father.

The worry we have about “climate change” is just a foretaste of something much greater. History is disappearing. We are less and less bound to the past. We are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Among the ideas that are present to us, and perhaps not Reality, are the ideas of who or what we should or ought become. Seek enlightenment sings a great part of the world. Crave power and wealth roars another.

The underlying confusion is that we are not yet enough, or at all in charge.

Look around. All our boats – our ways of living – are riding the same dangerous seas.

The real secret?

We are all already shamans. Surviving our life is shamaning/wisdom learning. The sages – who we do not honor by trying to be what we suspect they were like – tend to agree: Trust Yourself.

Name yourself. Change nothing, because change is already a constant. We all leak it into our lives, and are surrounded by it.

We are magic. Our daily routines are spiritual rites of our own making. We are artists in the labyrinth of the day, for each day is itself unique. The maze of the own mind is mystery as well. The heart’s mind itself is wonder procreating. There are no limits to the Imagination.

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