Pain, Pleasure, Consciousness

Pain, Pleasure, Consciousness

In the Light of the Eight Gates to Faerie

We see. We hear. We touch. We smell. We taste. We balance. We think. We move.

Our senses are open wounds of the soul. What seems to not be us, invades our consciousness. Light hurts when we move from darkness into the light. An errant smell can be experienced as not only unpleasant, but go so far as to induce extreme reflexive actions.

Meanwhile, Christ tells us in Luke: the kingdom of heaven is inside you. Not somewhere else. Inside you, … in the deeps of your secret self … waits a gift …

Once upon a time, in the way back long ago when before, our ancestors spoke to fairies. Some times we spoke to thunder, or star, but that kind of communion is more about listening, than ourselves speaking.

Then we lost the Garden. We lost the capacity to listen to the winds. We forgot about the little people … the elemental kingdoms of salamanders/fire; sylphs/air; undines/water; and, gnomes/earth.

This – the loss of Faerie – was a birth, and like all births filled with pain and dangers, yet when the work is done, sublime pleasure.

It isn’t that Faerie ceased to exist, we were just helped to forget.

The whole of the eight wounds – our sensorium – is/has/been/and always will be Faerie. Faerie never left, we were just blinded in the realm of thought. Why? So that this most intimate I&Thou relationship could/might arise by our choice. By our effort. By our work.

In the way back long ago when before, living midst Faerie and the Gods&Goddesses was a given. A grace, over which we had no choice. So we travel into a kind of spiritual darkness, losing sight of Faerie, and the Gods&Goddesses, in order later to have a personal/individual choice about such matters of the heart.

This loss of the perception of the kingdom of heaven that is “inside” us, also disconnected us from the perception of the “inside” of the World.

To get back within this inside, we have Eight Gates, that come in four pairs.

Life & Death … Fire/Will

Waking&Sleeping … Air/Intellect
Sanity&Madness … Water/Feeling
Remembering&Forgetting … Earth/Consciousness

These words just point a finger. The reader has to look. The reader is already always looking. The world is looking back. Our sense reality is a wave form of two conscious entities meeting at the boundary, that the movie Annihilation so eloquently calls: the shimmering.

We look – via our will – out through the eye, and the light – via Its Will – looks into us through that same clear lens. Our spirit is touched through the wounds of earthly consciousness.

In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.

He also said: “Blessed are those who do not see, yet still believe.” Pay attention to the wounds and the Gates. Trust you ability to perceive the “meaning” of existence through the own sense of thinking&thought. The heart’s mind is a garden, and we get to grow there whatever we wish. There is even a place there for fungi, and rot, … living thought/thinking is a continuous process of dying and becoming.

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