Fate, Fortune, and Politricks

Fate, Fortune, and Politricks…

There’s a lesson in the Trump election that goes unnoticed … a game changer as it were.

Neither he, nor his gang of moral children, expected the win. There was no transition team, not even at least small and ready. There was no organized venue for a victory celebration. No sense of who to pick for the cabinet. Pure social/political chaos reigned for all Americans.

For a moment.

Nature abhors a vacuum we have been told. The ambitious started to dance near the fire, seeking places at the seats of power. Their prince was a man of few ordinary virtues, and a great many appetites.

Chaos still reigns, and one of the world’s most chaotic cultures became the US of A. Everything that we used to & want to get from our government fell apart. The leading author of the shared narrative – the holder of Teddy’s bully pulpit – was a certifiable madman. Like the mad queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass:

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

The manner of Trump’s fate and fortune in politricks is “intriguing”, as Spock would say in Star Trek, raising an eyebrow.

Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and in the States, where he gained his victories as needed for the Electoral College, probably less than a quarter million of his votes in the heartland were exactly in the right place at the right time.

Fortune and Fate indeed.

For a time the NFL quarterback Tim Tebow had a rise to fame, until his luck ran out. You know the guy … liked to get on his knees in the end-zone. Wasn’t really ready. Didn’t have the skills. Was soon gone.

If you listen to the never had a personal opinion they didn’t like political pundits, wondering if anything of value will survive their need to make this whole situation be a pivot in the apocalyptic future of the world, … someone has to be paying attention. The millions of monkeys and typewriters producing Shakespeare is an apt metaphor.

Wisdom by accident of emerging consensus. The following seem to be the main observations that to this pundit are worthy of mention, today being Oscar day.

The Country is deeply divided.

The apparent key to victory involves winning hearts, not minds.

Most everyone is afraid, and becoming more and more unhinged … subtly for sure, but sometimes if the right winds arise, sleeping embers can roar into conflagrations.

The big bogeyman for many used to be abortion. Then immigration started to join in the spreading crazy. Keep in mind that ordinary people were on the move all over the world, seeking a better place to live … on the other side of the fence among fast cars and shopping malls, and adolescent males on too many antidepressants – with too many guns.

Does the World Herself have a narrative, to which we might wish to pay attention?

Many ancient cultures were very good astronomers, in spite of not having a telescope. The major features of the starry world were obvious – movements and rhythm, that were observed to be connected to human lives … to Fate and Fortune.

The ancients also had a “map” of the meaning of human existence that included a Divine Mystery. Modern scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) disbelieves, at a cost of not understanding themselves. No free will!?! Sense reality an illusion produced by a meat organ we call “the brain”!?! The existence of everything is an accident!?!

Talk about six impossible things before breakfast.

People today read their horoscopes. They talk about “what goes around comes around”, and that “the universe” closes and opens doors and windows, almost as if our biographies were Art.

Spirit. Real. Intriguing.

Fate and Fortune … are they involved in who lives and dies during rogue weather, wars, and the latest germ radically reorganizing our need for less chaos not more?

A fun book on astrology, that I have had for years and still treasure, although I have never mastered its secrets: “Practical Astrology” by St. Germain.

It’s peculiar&mysterious virtue is that – apparently – the most ancient Egyptian magicians used a system of seeking an understanding of Fate and Fortune, that not only includes the fundamentals of astrology, but at the same time it integrates the principles of numerology and tarot.

I used it once to do what St. Germain called a: “horoscope of revolution”, that is to look to the present time, and see what is coming for the next year, for ourselves. I did. It said I would have a grave illness, which I did.

The book has diagrams and tables you have never seen before, and the whole picture-nature of the tarot symbols is unlike any you will have every studied.

My anticipation is that the fortunes of Trump&gang are running out. Will not be pretty, and we ourselves will have to choose a personal role – keeping in mind that Fate and Fortune are not fixed, being of a kind of musical notation around which we survive being ourselves.

What’s in your star-chart? I’m still optimistic, sort of … the vote this November will soon by history. Very little will actually change. Mark Twain is supposed to have noted: “if the vote had any real meaning, they would not let us have it”.

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