I would like some help, for which I have no money to offer in exchange …

I would like some help, for which I have no money to offer in exchange …

What I want is to have a small selection of my recent work translated into German and made available to German readers, either on the Internet, or through magazines and such. What follows is what I want translated, which includes an introduction of myself and my works. Some of this below will be links (three actually) to short works that are on my blog, and were recently shared – on Facebook Anthroposophy-related discussion groups – in English. In addition to the introduction and title, it is my wish to see these three also translated, and the whole made available together.

Pagan Anthroposophy: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind.

My name is Joel A. Wendt. My body is in its 80th year, and I have been involved with Steiner and Company since 1978. The following is not so much a brag, but matters to which I have previously publicly confessed, and would prefer folks know this upfront rather than have some troll throw these stories into the mix for a kind of gotcha moment.

At the same time, keep in mind that to have spiritual experiences requires being with Beings Immortal, without whose grace we are … not the Author of what is seen, but rather only the one who gets/has to bring mystery into words on a page. Imagination is a process of sharing through symbols, and we are only part of what generates the symbols. Inspiration is a process of sharing through dialogue – through the Word. Still tho’ we are not as close as Intuition. Our souls are flutes which we mostly play, until an Immortal decides to play this very personal instrument. We become One by Their Grace, and this changes us.

The original spirit – my body-brother – that lived in the ethereal, astral, and physical bodies which I now occupy, gave them to me in his 31st year. So I’ve only been incarnate since 1971, while he was born in 1940. That fellow was remarkable, in a most unremarkable&innocent way. He ate the world of his time, felt its pains, and gave to me at the transition: three grave wounds to try to unriddle: What is the meaning of evil? Why is America so lost of its true spirit? And, what the heck happened to Christianity?

I’ve had various spiritual entities suggest the following prior incarnations (again, this is out there, so needs not to be denied): Socrates; St. Matthew; George Washington; and most recently Clara Barton. I was apparently at the gathering a thousand years ago, that Steiner speaks of when he refers to the Culmination, and karma between the Platonists (pagans in my view) and the Aristotelians.

This showing/revealing prior incarnations is not a blessing, by the way, but rather a curse. How do you find the true self that is unlike any of the costumes we wear in circumstances that too are unlike any other. Those prior lives are known only through pain of soul, not pleasure. I once wrote a poem: “the George Washington Blues” to both seek the aid of that Way of Being myself, and to grow it into what is needed Now. The era of Trump is like watching an end, perhaps, of something. A death, or a death and a rebirth. That remains to be seen.

I was initiated in the Mysteries of the Mother on Epiphany 2008 (I was physically and psychologically 69, spiritually 38) in such a gentle way I did not know it was She who did it. I met the Lesser and Greater Guardians over the winter of 2009 – 2010. That initiation – by the Son&a-friend – was not so gentle as regards the Lesser Guardian. After a rest of some weeks, the Greater left a physical imprint in the process of taking the seed organs of clair-thinking, that were in my astral body due to the catharsis induced by having succeeding in follow Steiner’s indications in his “science of knowing” (GA-2 to GA-4) … taking those seeds and laying them in my ethereal body, where further work then had to follow.

Follow these initiations I wrote several major works, including: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”; “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”; and, “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion from the failing institutional Roman Church”.

By 2017, my chronic knee arthritis became so painful that I took a chance on the ganja goddess (medical marijuana). A chance because I did not know what the effect would be on my inner life … on my personal relationship to the Source.

The ride was wild, resulted in two serious illnesses through excessive use, in both of which I almost died. The reason I nearly died was not my folly so much, as the inability of industrial medicine to listen to my efforts to describe my symptoms. I was put in “boxes”, and treated incorrectly. These were also deeply spiritual as experienced. In the second I was so desperate in the hospital as the treatment brought me to the Gate of Death, that when I felt Her I asked if She take me if I wanted. She said yes. I chose otherwise.

Intoxicants are not uncommon in pagan (Mother oriented) mystical and magical practices. Novalis and S.T. Coleridge were friends with the syrup of the poppy. I now take three doses of 5mg of sativa ganja daily.

In 1991 I was at an anthroposophical conference (one of very the few which I have been able to attend) where an American shared a vision/dream. He was encountering the spirit once known as Dwight David Eisenhower, who discussed with him the visions of Black Elk, particular Black Elk’s experiences of the Red and Black roads (spiritual ways) in America. Eisenhower knew it was he who had laid out the most recent Black Roads (the interstate highway system), which like the railroads were paths of Death across the Land, while the Red Roads were paths of Life. Eisenhower also told him that Americans would develop spiritual wisdom that needed to be shared with Europeans – a stream of inspiration that needs to go both ways.

This is me trying to aid that process, of which I am not the only agency.

I recently wrote three short essays. These are their names (links below in English follow). The order is important, the visual art not so relevant for translation, but viable on my current web-presence, where I recently decided to describe myself (have to have fun in the second childhood, right?), as a: “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.” … the descriptors before “shaman” show for which folk the Mother trained me to be a shaman. A shaman trained by the Mother (there are many) have as their main gifts the telling of stories.

“The Tree as Symbol in the Song of the World”

“Reality’s Open Secret”


“Pain, Pleasure, Consciousness”


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