The Michael School and the End of Western Civilization

The Michael School and the End of Western Civilization

The Michael School also could be called: “mystery science”. Students of Rudolf Steiner do not own this School. The Countenance of Christ is touching all true faces … all hearts that seek – as best they are able – to do the good, and think with the heart. Michael is available to everyone.

At the beginning of the Western Civilization, there was a period of Greek civilization that flowered with genius. This was followed by the more dominant Roman Empire, which was permeated with Greek culture. In point of fact, Greek slaves were often the main administrators of the wealth of the Roman elite, and worthy advisors to their generals – the Greek language/minds having a certain quality of insight and practicality. Making the best of a bad situation.

That universally human Empire building hunger has reached – in our present – the end of its shelf-life, as evidenced by the works of the aging and sclerotic English-American banking and financial axis.

Johnson and Trump are products of the accompanying cultural wasteland, which produced television. Without the TV camera’s insatiable appetite for fresh meat (something which is not truly historical, but still gets reported with breathless sensationalism anyway), neither Johnson (a former journalist) or Trump (a former TV star) has a connection to the so-called: masses.

At the end of Western Civilization we are experiencing the reversal of the beginning. Where in the beginning fresh culture came before Empire, in our age – as Empire fails, new culture is being born.

Everywhere. It just doesn’t get to be “breaking news”.

The wisdom of Rudolf Steiner can be lost for the whole of the 3rd Millennium, if those – who claim to know what Anthroposophy is – continue to ignore that the death ground for Western Civilization that is in America, where Ahriman is presently incarnated.

This is especially spiritually potent, given that it was among the priests of ancient folk, living in the Americas, that Christ was carried from His death on Calvary, to the Mother (see the Pieta), thence from Her, having, been given of the forces of Resurrection.

Steiner understood these qualitative perceptions. Including this: Whereas at the beginning of Western Civilization, Socrates was followed by Plato, and both of them by Aristotle, there will also be a reverse of that flow, with the Aristotelian Steiner to be followed by the Platonists, and within their midst, the Socratic.

To conceive of this as a situation of special reincarnations is to not notice that each is surrounded by a larger context, from which they cannot be separated. So we have waves of spiritual infusion, similar in nature to the Aristotelian, and Platonic, and the Socratic as new culture flowers everywhere. These waves are distributed … in all. While the folk such as Steiner are more like fore-runners, or prophets, than they are fathers or mothers of the world-wide cultural revolutions now ongoing.

Steiner’s Aristotelian spiritual science names all manner of aspects of spiritual reality. Like natural science the parts have to be investigated on the way to grasping the whole. He is not the only teacher of the Mystery that urges we practice spirit-remembrance – and tries to get us to live the mysteries of now, by practicing spirit-contemplation – while seeking to learn how to practice spirit-seeing.

The Divine Mystery sees to it that all individual biographies have the spirit-Way that is to be theirs. None the same, although karma and circumstance does bring birds of a feather together.

In the Platonist aspect of the wave of new culture, we have the task of understanding the territory of the world of thought, the world of Ideas. Not just the names of parts, but how everything leads to – and stands for – an Idea, which we can learn to experience.

The last bit then is the Socratic. Yes, there are names for all manner of aspects of spiritual reality, and yes these represent manifestations of incredible Ideas – such as the threefold nature of just about everything, toward which Steiner pointed, but in the end of the beginning of the 3rd Millennium what we most need is really good questions, and the freedom to answer them for ourselves.

The new culture comes from individual human beings, not movements or masters or gurus or initiates or shamans or mullahs, or priests, or presidents … or gods&goddesses either.

Another Way to seer this is that the Ahrimanic Enchantment, which reached its low-point in scientific materialism, this spell” needs to be – by grand arts-magic – removed from peoples hearts and minds. That science – as a Way – presently insists we are only matter, no spirit involved – that is The Battle Ground, although every culture will experience the pregnancy of the new in its own Way.

Certain aspects of this cultural revolution are helped by what was/is done by the impulse to Goethean Science. A Way of Knowledge which is still scientific, yet all the same knows personally and directly and intimately the spirit.

As Western Civilization collapses of it excesses, and the consequences of overly rigid habits of living, things fall apart, the centre cannot hold. Too much freedom on the one hand, and too little on the other, with a good example being events in China.

Rulers fear losing control, yet control is something they never had in the first place.

The key to understanding the dying into a new becoming of Western Civilization is to become aware off, and familiar with, the phenomena: the Evolution of Consciousness. The present day spiritual meaning of earth existence is the “underneath”, which changed over the 2500 years of Western Civilization.

The rules and traditions – everywhere – are falling apart because human nature is itself evolving, a change of consciousness that can’t be stopped. Our inside at the beginning, is not the inside that is birthing the present metamorphosis.

The most prominent and promising cultural phenomena of the Times is the spirit remembering of the Divine Maternal. This is visible in the Arts, especially the dramatic arts of television and film – the wasteland was/is not entirely empty, because the artistic impulse refuses to obey.

Each culture, aided by the flood of capital for production initiated by Netflix and Amazon Prime, has enabled its artists to rediscover the Mother, to find the Lost Cities, and cure our Homelessness for a return to intimacy with the consciousness present everywhere, yet denied by science to exist.

The modern soul awakens to aspects of itself, in the search for home grown food, home grown arts, and

a home grown means of mutual governance.

The more the faux rulers try to tighten their leashes, the more resistance they create. What worked centuries ago, when a different form of consciousness prevailed, will not work now.

For example, the massive refusal of folks to stay put. If folks are pushed too hard to the ground, they will seek better ground, accompanied by the music … can’t stop the music. “Cold ground was my bed last night, and rock was my pillow” [Bob Marley].

In the world of the imagination, where artists go to discover, there is a Wind. This Wind selflessly (not even identifying itself) lifts the wings of the soul in the direction of the Sun (the Son), and the Moon (the Mother), and the Stars (the Father).

Steiner called this Wind: the return of Christ in the Ethereal.

Michael is very aware of the hunger of the prodigal children to return to communion-with Nature. All the paths to the future are gateways from the past, … to the Mother and Faerie, where the true Dark holds conversations. These are not paths for the feint of heart. These are paths for the strong of will.

She has the whole world in His Hands.

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