“Luciferic and Ahrimanic Forces”

“Luciferic and Ahrimanic Forces”

This language appeared recently in a Facebook page that was working hard to wrestle with the “behaviors” of contributors. To help with that, here are some additional ways of looking at this situation.

“Forces” is perhaps a misleading term, especially if we conceive of these forces as disconnected from spiritual beings, such as the abstract way we treat the “force” of gravity. Gravity is the love of the Mother, a subject for a later time.

Steiner was clear in his lectures: Lucifer and Ahriman, that a central point for understanding – in the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul – is that these impulses enter into our world “through” the human being. I am suggesting then we stop using the term “forces”, and instead use the term “impulses”.

It is true that there is a kind of “collective” effect of the totality of the separate impulses, given that the relationship – between the hierarchies of Lucifer and Ahriman and ourselves – is like gloves within gloves within gloves, which we can picture this way: A>>>>>>(us)<<<<<<L.

This means, for example, that the Age of Ahriman’s Incarnation (happening now) produces an effect – a collective/combined set of consequences, due to what we have together let in through us.

There is a connection between the Evolution of Consciousness, and the two radically different ages in which each celestial power incarnated. We can get confused if we link the Beings Ahriman&Lucifer into the category “evil”. As Bardon puts it: “There is nothing unclean in the whole of the Creation”

The situation is complicated, and we can get a hint of this by adding to our understanding the ideas of there being: Lucifer in the service of Ahriman; Ahriman in the service of Lucifer; Ahriman and Lucifer acting together, and one or the other acting alone.

Our basic danger, however, is how to become a knowing-doer (Steiner’s phrasing) without looking into our own souls for the most obvious and intimate experience of these influences. The riddle of the relationship of the outer world and the inner world appears just here. I learn about the outer world through looking inside, and I learn about my inner world through looking outside.

If we have let our thinking be too abstract, we can get this idea that out in the world events occur because of these Beings. They don’t. Humans birth the nature of the outer world, and each Epoch/Age determines the relationships in the own soul as to the meaning of experience. When Lucifer incarnated matters of soul were far different than they are today.

Tomberg contributed some useful conceptions. First -in his “Inner Development”, written when he was a practicing anthroposophist, he suggested that the double was threefold: Some combination of an Ahrimanic double, a Luciferic double, and a human double. Those familiar with the Class lessons may recall near the beginning, where Steiner talks about three “creatures”.

Later, after Tomberg – following Steiner’s discarnate suggestion – joined the Catholic Church, and wrote his masterpiece: “Meditations on the Tarot – a journey into Christian Hermeticism”, … we find therein – in the discussion of the 15th Arcanum/Letter on the Devil card (symbolic aspect of an ancient book of wisdom), Tomberg again threefolds the double, with less abstraction, and more illumination: Where he writes of: the Prosecutor; the Tempter; and the many Egregores the soul acquires in this life, or brings in from a prior one.

About the human double, or egregores, something more wishes to be expressed.

An egregore is a middle-ages term for a creature generated by the human being in their own soul. The creature can be understood as a kind of psychic parasite, that for me is best pictured this way: a self-generate wound of soul. Steiner called them “cancers” of the soul in Man as Symphony of the Creative Word (lecture 12), whereas my teacher of the ancient Egyptian Sciences (Bardon) used the term: larvae.

These qualitative aspects can be helpful: Wound, Cancer, Larvae. I leave to the readers own imaginative faculties to see just which aspect they will own in themselves. This can aid our self understanding of the problem of the mote and the beam as well. Heal your own wound, before you mess with the other dudes, was what Christ suggested in the Sermon on the Mount.

A fun mental exercise is to ask ourselves, whether we possess any addictions (a common feature of the presence of an egregore), even minor ones (in our point of view). We all can get a bit goofy, and most of us are pretty good at being hard to live with. Basically we call them “bad habits”.

Since we are wander/wondering among words and their sometimes flexible meanings, what about the terms: antipathy and sympathy?

Initially the soul’s instinctive feeling life has this apparently oppositional bi-polar nature. We turn away from that which we do not like, and are drawn toward that which we do like. From one of Steiner’s tool-boxes of concepts, we might be advised that these are natural intelligences that correlate with Ahriman and Lucifer.

We need help navigating life in the time of the Ahrimanic Enchantment of scientific materialism and the Luciferic Confusion of good&evil. At a meta-level we could add the polar-qualities: Order and Chaos.

From the view of a science of knowing, the art of thinking reveals these primary&instinctive polar-qualities: Associative thinking and Discriminatory thinking. The former joins, while the latter separates. These associative concepts have a kinship, and these distinguishable concepts are related in the hierarchy of one is better than (or worse than) another.

When we read/hear another’s thoughts, we react (mostly), which phenomena led L. Ron Hubbard to write of: “the reactive mind”. If we are in the zone of the will to step past reactions, and concentrate on what Steiner called: learning to hear the Christ Impulse is another, … which concept can return us to where this study began: How do we manage our Internet “relationships” that arise because we know (?) each other only through words of black on white, a treasure map in code spilled across a page.

Years ago we wrestled with this on the Ark (during the Culmination), our discussions taking the view that mostly what is behind the words on the screen is from the ego and astral bodies, not the life or physical bodies. We all know that in a face to face environment all would be different, deeper and more real.

For example, folks on the Internet discussion groups often refer to what is happening as a “conversation”. That is an abuse of what the term “conversation” meant to Goethe, for example: “What is more precious than light? Conversation.”

What we do have is an exchanges of letters, in a time when people don’t physically write letters anymore. We call this, wonderfully,: “email”. Messages in a bottle, set loose on the seas of electronic aethers.

Lucifer and Ahriman are cosmic Beings, and given that we are the microcosm – i.e. a perfect analogue of the Macrocosm, what in us is Lucifer and Ahriman, keeping in mind that all threefoldings resolve themselves into a unity. Steiner’s famous statue has three figures (well a few more if we get into the details).

We need not to pretend we are the master of these riddles, and that some other guy is the one screwing everything up – bringing chaos to comfortable order.

Lucifer is the sensual aspects of the appetites, incarnating as he did while the sentient soul was becoming the intellectual soul. In us, this is the voice of the Tempter. Go ahead, you deserve another dish of ice cream, just think how good this will taste. Tomberg, the esoteric elitist, seemed to imply that pleasures that had to be repeated were sterile. Steiner, the esoteric idealist, offers advice only a saint – with many years experience – can follow.

Lucifer – the light-bringer – is dancing happy and intoxicated. Repeat as necessary, for that is good medicine in any Age.

Ahriman is the – unbound by the heart – intellect. Via the intellect, human beings decided we were the only self-aware sentient reflective consciousness on the Planet. Opps. Ahriman’s folly is running wild right now, but is his nature without meaning?

Try to imagine that there is a Being that is Geometry. Logical and rigorous to a fault, which is why we know him as the Prosecutor. The own intellect is not kind to ourselves when we examine coldly our personal flaws. Mathematical physics and projective/synthetic geometry are his domains.

So, … out of us then, into the world, flow our passions (chaos) and understanding (order). What about Christ some will say. Well, sorry folks, but that decider/creator is us. Choices run wild everywhere in the world, and sanity on any level is hard to find. We then have to make the magic of wild-sanity out of ourselves, and from thence into the World.

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