Luci and Ari throw a Ceremonial Gathering as Mom sings the Death Knell of Western Civilization

Luci and Ari throw a Ceremonial Gathering as Mom sings the Death Knell of Western Civilization

Mom has released all of the Four Horseman now. No restraints. Do their thing. Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

I know, using the term “Mom” sounds a pit cheeky. Still, Holy Mother, Co-creatrix, Mistress of the Mysteries of the Moon (aka magic) … this is not a formal black tie Rite. This is Mardi Gras on steroids.

Excessive Chaos and more and more overly Rigid Order, are out and about now. If one is into Rudolf Steiner’s wonderful statue of Luci&Ari and Christ, it might be fun to ask: Where’s Mom in this tableaux?

She’s the Wood that surrenders to being carved for human artistic purposes. She’s the sharps tools, and the fallen bits. She’s that remarkable color. Without Her constant gravitas, the darn thing would have fallen over (or floated away, given the magic in the act), and Steiner would have made silly dives from the ladders and scaffolding.

There is a tale, from that way back then. Steiner goes to Dornach to vibe it out for the coming building. One day he goes out alone and wanders in caves and such. That night he barely sleeps at all, and in the morning is of a very odd disposition. What was lurking in that cave?

Easy to know if you think about it in an artistic way. She gave him a vision of the original Goetheanum burning to the ground. He deserved to know. Not only that he deserved to know the magic latent in that burning. Not theoretically. There was a power that would assemble on that hill during the rites of building, when he gave those remarkable lectures to the so-called workman.

Gypsies visited, being highly skilled at manual arts, and at the same time the bearers of significant aspects of the earth religions. Folk who understood the elemental backgrounds to their tools, their arts, and their ways.

He also knew that he had to avoid lecturing about the magical and mystical, or pagan aspects of a renewed spiritual life. Still, it might be a wonderful book that just assembles the questions asked by the workmen. Just the questions tells its own story.

Have you noticed yet, the odd conjunction of weirdness that comes in the year of Trump’s potential reelection? I mean really noticed the coordination. She’s Divine Providence, you see. Very busy right now, and still has time for us in our prayers.

Luci and Ari have a place in Mom’s world too. Errant children and their toys always need a bit of looking after.

Now for the hardest aspect.

We are all of Luci and Ari and Mom. Us, the microcosm.

Consider, for example, all the lands, and towns, and villages flooded as humanity built damn dams over watercourses everywhere. Mom’s on a tearing down and rebuilding project, and She really would like some respect. Better if we cooperate, … steer with the tides rather then against them. Think for ourselves, rather than make Her escalate Her efforts to help us escape our self-made prisons.

You see, … the end of a civilization has two processes running alongside each other. The tearing down part and the building up part. We can survive a rough birth into wisdom, only made better if we participate, rather than watch.

Without a doubt a descent into the slavery to the machine,, and the corporate egregores’ in the multinational corporations, is possible. All that is required is for good hearted folk to do nothing.

Still, She is Awesome, and as Divine Providence will put right in your face what needs to be done next. Hard things is a sign … the appearance of a difficult risk that requires taking a death defying step off the cliff, with the Fool. Into the Unknown.

Leave the big picture stuff to the Big Picture Folk. The world burns in karmic fires long smoldering, yet remains Mystery, if we but pause and look and ask, seek, and knock, for She does have the Whole World in His Hands.

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