The Dance of the Furies

The Dance of the Furies

As Western Civilization enters more deeply into its death masques, there are certain queer/odd fever outbreaks at multiple levels. The virus bit is especially musical, sort of a Night on Bald Mountain on one level, and Here Come the Clowns on another. The karmic palette of the Son is art on a scale we cannot imagine, except we follow the News and realize we are seeing karma in action, fortunately mostly as spectators.

Most of us understand that if you keep doing the same mistake over and over again it is the sign of a problem. One of the more interesting habitual dances involves the every four year rite of the Democrat Mob, … they call it presidential primaries, and I see it as a kind of instinctive cannibalism – or the Dems eating their young. Literally, the older establishment finding one more way to ignore our youth, and those young futures.

The Political Parties, Democrats and Republican, are more than a century beyond their shelf life. They both were complicit at Jekyll Island, when they sold their souls to the banksters while giving away the constitutional power belonging to the people, regarding the coining of money and the regulation thereof. It was Dr. Jekyll that gave us Mr Hyde, the monster we now know as central banking. Let me control the currency, and I care not what the government does – a sentiment attributed to one of the Rothschilds, an infamous European banking family.

Are we having fun yet?

The Furies, were female chthonic [beings of the Under World] … deities of vengeance, sometimes referred to as “infernal goddesses”. This “pagan” understanding of reality has always been true, yet the Divine Mystery throws a great party, whether or not we recognize the players.

A Grand Ball, all getting to wear masks, and bringing their own orchestra in the form of a tiny and dangerous tool we call a cellphone. Odd, is it not, this prefix “cell”. Brings to mind prisons, and among those who actually think about prisons, is a wise one – Bo Lozoff – who wrote a book: “We are all Doing Time – a Guide for Getting Free.”

Then there is War.

And, … winning and losing?

I just watched the movie “Midway”, directed by the German Roland Emmerich, who is famous for his “disaster” films. I was in the dreaming (10mg sativa) and wondered what would have happened at Midway if the diving and bombing forces of the American navy had “gone to the deck”, on encountering the “enemy” fleet. What if they flew just above the sea, instead of down and out of the sky and sun, the usual tactic.

On the “deck” they then fly between the ships of the fleet, forcing their anti-aircraft batteries to shoot at each other if they want to stop the attack. As I pondered this fantasy, a thought arose as regards my views that the true enemy of humanity is the soulless multinational corporation.

I had the day before watched the film “Dark Waters” about the struggle to take down DuPont for placing in the whole organic systems of the world a synthetic (Mom didn’t make it) substance that can’t be broken down, and if we get too much of it we get cancers, our cows get cancers, and obviously the cancerous nature of the unjustified union of giant business with government on all levels. Clap your hands if you remember “Teflon” – the chemical that makes organic matter not cling to these surfaces, which can’t be destroyed, and given that it has been in carpets and such, we’ve been breathing it in for generations. Watch the movie for amazing details.

I evoked the shades of great generals, my favorites being George Washington and Alexander the Great, and asked them … what if instead of attacking the corporate monsters eating everything in sight from “above”, we drove down to the deck, and set them at odds with each other.

Bold moves required. There will be loses. The first daring move should be unexpected, and at the same time fierce. Sometimes all that a bully needs is a serious bloody nose.

There is a movie, another favorite of mine: A History of Violence, directed by David Cronenberg. There were several scenes of violence. The violence was sudden and fierce. Everything at risk.

In the late 1970’s, I was working in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. Two Asian looking young men “accidentally” bumped into each other. They stepped apart, and one of them took a kung fu kind of stance. In a moment the other fellow had hit the kung fu dude twice, first a blow to the nose, causing the flow of blood, and second a kick to the chest propelling the pretend expert at least two yards backwards, towards the street, and into a parked car. Could not have taken more than two seconds.

Sherman’s march to the sea, and other kinds of “scorched earth” tactics, were well practiced by Alexander. When he invaded the East, at the first couple of cities that resisted, he told them let me in the gates or everything in your fort shall die. The word got around. Walk softly, but carry a big stick.

Being a warrior is a choice. Being a watcher from the sidelines is also a choice. Today big war is – not material, but spiritual … over the truth we should say. In fact, the battlefield is natural science, you know the dudes who gave us better living through chemistry.

Materialism is a disease of the psyche. Many have surmounted it. But the weight of history seems relentless. There is special tool, which we call a Law. The lawmaking process is owned by the titans of industry. Yet, as the character in Dark Waters (an actual person) fought with the tools at hand – law-tools – he surprised Dupont, exposed their evil, and sets an example that the law can be used to work miracles.

Imagine a world where every multinational corporation is being sued for the attempted murder of a Planet, backed up by the science Rudolf Steiner inspired. Sued by as many as possible. If a corporation can be a person, than certainly a Planet can be a person, and She actually can provide evidence of having a self-aware interior sentient consciousness – invisible, just as is ours.

More help is here.

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