The Day of Fearless Reckoning,

The Day of Fearless Reckoning,

The Adventure of Humanity, sailing rough seas together, living, loving, making, taking, dying.

I’ve asked a spirit~!~friend, Tiger-Saucy, to speak for Faerie concerning the deeper Rites of a suddenly accelerating collapse/relapse end of the world party for Western Civilization.

Her Song ~!~&~!~Dance:

For those familiar with your cultural artifact, Battlestar Galactica, the refrain: “the end took us back to where we started, and we’ll keep going even if it means doing the whole damn thing over and over again.”

Gypsies. Travelers. Circus. Fortune Tellers. Sword and Gun Play. Thefts, torture and madness.

On a certain level, what is going on seems to be purposeless chaos. Not so. What Faerie, and all other Wonders of the Mother wish, is for you to look away from the bricks, and the steel, and be yourselves the green revolution you expect governments and corporations should be/do.

She uproots all. No one is to be spared. The sign of this time, that tiny little point of anti-life we have named COVAD-19, cannot be avoided. Whether or not we are spared the “illness/sign” itself, this particular Mother’s Rite of wake-the-fuck up does not intend to leave the world as it is at the beginning of this passage. What will the world be after the winds of change have reset, rebooted, renewed, rejuvenated, resurrected, all manner of Beings? Nature is Alive, and just who do you silly children imagine you have been fucking with over and over again? The Goddess of Patience-is-not-always-a-virtue, that’s Who.

Prophets learn to read the handwriting on the walls. They are dangerous people, only because they are like the Hermit in Tarot, standing patiently holding their lamp on the world of truth. The world is birthing prophets like so many falling stars, yet at an increasing/accelerating rate given the times. “Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.”

Acts 2:17

Ask yourself this question? Do you think the Mother should be free to do what cleaning needs doing? If She at least leaves you some axis of contribution and participation, that needs to equally belong to each individual human being? Love is Forever and for All.

Individual performances, masked or otherwise, can help make the future. What should become the situation of the whole? Just how far down do we need to fall? What will be asked of me, or you?

Can you be so crass as to believe that Faerie, and the whole of the Mother, do not suffer their torture at the heartless hands of human folly? Still, …. yet, …. this teaser … materialistic science actually only knows the death forces. We, Faerie, kept back the secrets of the Tree of Life. The Atlanteans were the last to know them, and it was their own abuses that brought them down.

Healing of the Life Sphere is possible. Necessary in point of fact, for the human and Faerie worlds are both affected. Mother is the great alchemist, and Her little people know the secrets of life. Yet, the rules are simple … they need to be courted. The relationship is to be I&Thou. Virtue and trust, the true the beautiful and the good …

Human history tells wonderful stories. Stories endure. All the most ancient great mysteries are true, and She’s at the heart of them all, just as in way back then in the long ago when before. What is to be our next story? Your next story?

Not just human, but Faerie as well. Your anthropological wet-dreams not withstanding, the little people always taught the manual arts. Not space aliens. You want to garden well, then open you heart to the what-you-cannot-yet-see.

There were these three fools, watching three crows, each sitting on an individual electrical wire. The crows danced a bit, that way of speaking lost in the mists of Atlantis. To the crows, the little people were everywhere, although many of the tasks asked of them were onerous. The crows had the gift of dance and speech, the same as did the little people.

The crows and little people had their own myths and stories. The winds told the stories. All knew of what the human beings faced, now that they have so far forgotten the Mother, that She must send them all ~!~ the Four Great Horses for upending old and sclerotic traditions. Here’s a riddle … which is kin of which. Here are the Kingdoms of the Elementals are: fire-will; air-intellect; water-feeling; and, consciousness-earth; and, here are the Four Great Unbound Animal Natures: Conquest; War; Famine; and, Plague … released now to play in the crucible of the Beast from the Abyss, aka human freedom.

The Human Being is the Divine Mystery Recreating Itself Endlessly. Do your part. We’ll do ours. Faerie, … over and out”

Luke 15:11–32. “Jesus shares it with his disciples, the Pharisees and others.

In the story, a father has two sons. The younger son asks the father for his inheritance, and the father grants his son’s request. However, the younger son is prodigal (i.e., wasteful and extravagant) and squanders his fortune, eventually becoming destitute. The younger son is forced to return home empty-handed and intends to beg his father to accept him back as a servant. To the son’s surprise, he is not scorned by his father but is welcomed back with celebration and welcoming party. Envious, the older son refuses to participate in the festivities. The father tells the older son “you are ever with me, and all that I have is yours, but thy younger brother was lost and now he is found”.”

It will not hurt to see this from the Mother’s point of view as well. The reality of that parable is that all the prodigal children will be welcomed home, to feast in the Garden among the Fae.

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