The Third-Worlding of the United States of American

The Third-Worlding of the United States of American

It has become important to address more deeply the changes unfolding at an economic level, during the Fearless Reckoning. First world Nation States are not as important – to the Titans of Industry we know as Multinational Egregorial Corporations {timecs} – except for our abilities to consume products, and work, and fight wars with little complaint. Markets are more important. The continuation of central banking is important to timecs. Never letting go of the reins of political control is necessary for the timec-creatures to continue to exist.

One historian/sociologist, years ago, called Americans: the People of Plenty. Americans have too much at the expense of too many. Nation States, who recently have created large middle classes (economically speaking), such as China, Indian, and South Korea, may find that they – as Americans will find – cannot sustain their material status against the tides of the time.

As some few know – which certainly the astute central bankers know – in 2008 the only reason the whole world situation did not fall apart, was that the US Federal Reserve created around 17 trillion in US dollars, which they “loaned” into existence. Fake money for a fake news age.

None of this, by the way, went to debt ridden homeowners, and folks who lost their jobs. I have seen urged – by a few wise in the ways of this fake money world – that governments need to have their co-dependent central banks give money to their governments, which those governments will distribute directly to consumers. No money to spend, no commercial economies.

In this way – in 2008 – astute banksters were able to mask that fact that many financial corporations, and certainly most banking institutions, were and are flat broke. Central banking has for decades allowed these soulless corporations to borrow into existence more debt, than are their actual assets. From this we get the clever phrase: “to big to fail”.

The arrival of the last great depression initially saw many bank failures, the smaller fish caught with their balance sheet pants down. The Fed calls it fractional reserve, which means the bank only has to have on hand part of its outstanding debt obligations. This is what is looked at when regulatory agencies examine a financial institution’s “risk status”.

Our current danger, besides bank failures, is hyperinflation. Printing money out of nothing is inflationary, which why the Fed controls interest rates. This is unconstitutional, in the same way it is unconstitutional for a corporation to be a person. Timecs have no conscience, or capacity for empathy or kindness. Those human attributes are absent.

The World Economy is collapsing. It has always been on the verge of such a massive failure, and could have in 2008. This crisis is far far worse. The odd aspect is that the stock markets are not indicators of economic health, while at the same time they are a measure of “investor confidence”.

The tragic aspect is that we can’t expect the Republican Party to care about what is happening to ordinary folk. Oh, they will pretend, but their whole focus for decades has been to serve the rich people, and let them pollute, poison, ruin, cheat, – with impunity.

The safest Way through this is to not rely on the ostensible government at all. I use the word “ostensible”, because in America the citizen is the sovereign, and the U.S. Constitution is a limited grant of power from the People. Although most folk don’t appreciate that, and the politicians only pay lip service to that fundamental fact.

What will happen, in various forms, will be a kind of re-tribalization of our viable social structures. The nuclear family is a kind of end point social form. Necessary – somewhat – for babies to come and get raised in some degree of sanity, while at the same time the empty-nest syndrome is because the nuclear family disintegrates as the children mature. Other forms of adult relationships take place outside the former family networks.

Find like souls, create communities of mutual support, and don’t expect either the banksters or the ostensible government to actually – via sane actions – care.

The Great Depression was filled with lawlessness. There is a saying, a kind of “law”, about why a bank robber robbed banks: “that’s where the money is.”

From Wikipedia “The law is named after the bank robber Willie Sutton, who reputedly replied to a reporter’s inquiry as to why he robbed banks by saying “because that’s where the money is.” In Sutton’s 1976 book “Where the Money Was”, Sutton denies having said this.”

Interesting phrase that: “Where the Money was”.

Two days ago I read a long article in the NY Times. It was an analysis of the reaction of “markets” to the developing crisis. For example, usually when stocks go down, bonds go up. That didn’t happen. He also mentions a couple more phenomena (which, to be honest, I barely understood). His observation, based on behavior, was that a lot of folks were not investing anymore, they were cashing out. Taking losses & cashing out.

Ordinary people need each other more than they need banksters, or their servants – the politicians. Most everyone has their own vision of how to handle getting past this. We will lose something if we descend, as to each other, into some form of anarchy. The rich made a lot of money giving birth to the timecs, forgetting (or not noticing) that to succeed in corporate culture means having no problem stealing from others, as long as the bottom line is satisfactory.

Relationships are spiritual capital. We do not need money to be a good person, … but we do need good friends to survive the coming economic chaos.

The first section of my book “American Phoenix” is about the collapse. Anarchy is not pretty, and with the TV shows “Revolution” and “Jericho”, as well as the book “Lucifer’s Hammer”, folks can get a decent anticipation of where things are headed.

What is hard to grasp is how fast these kinds of changes can arise. Once past a certain limit, there is a lot of “every man for himself”. And, yes, the pandemic is accompanied by an increase in gun purchases.

Again, take care of that which is within the reach of your will to take care of. Leave the big picture to the Big Picture Folk.

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