Fighting Back – the War of Love in the Age of Callous Indifference to the Suffering of Others

Fighting Back – the War of Love in the Age of Callous Indifference to the Suffering of Others

The war is between the human and the anti-human. Between the non-material spirit&soul and the death forces of scientific materialism: All is Matter, there is No Spirit.

COVIS-19 is only out of control, because of the dominance in the world of the soulless monsters: the multinational corporations. They have freed themselves from the organizing rules of Nation States – pay little taxes, and get all the government contracts. Just because the business corporation looks outwardly different in China, as against America, no-holds bare-knuckle economic/money/profit means are employed. People are mere workers and consumers … and cannon fodder for governments and businesses wars with each other over wealth and power.

It is the same dark appetite at work.

This appetite is seen in the answer to the question: “What do you ‘want’? As any shaman knows, this appetite is part of reality. These hungers have meaning and purpose. They are not evil.

Right now several billions of folks are having crises of conscience, a baptismal fire from the not peace but a sword dude. His Mom just put the brakes on Western Civilization and its discontents.

There is another question besides “what to you want?”. That question is “Who are ‘you’?”

We are, fundamentally, immortal dancing spirits ~!~!~!~!~!~ having the “human” experience – facing the fruits of the indulgence that came with the eating of the fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

We walked out of the Garden, in order to have to later choose whether or not to reclaim it. In the lost Garden is another tree: the Tree of Life.

The world is filled with folk each having their own “human” experience, their own biographical conflagrations, and the consequences of choosing. All that happens in the individual biography belongs to that “human”. Not the business of the rest of us. Judge Not. Sweep before the own door first.

With the fading of the belief in the lost cities of Faerie (aka: the Garden), there arose the “religion” of unnatural science (no spirit, remember). In certain circles in Faerie this is called: the enchantment of the intellect.

The whole world believes a great deal of these unscientific intellectual abstract truths. For example, we are taught to think of terrestrial elemental fire: aka electricity, as being a current of electrons running down wires, navigating gates of various sorts to arrive at your house and charge/energize your smart phone. Forgetting that the phenomena is acutely polar, and pulsating. When the enchantment ends we will see “electricity” – as an unbound unlimited unity and order, aka: the at rest pulsating heart of the Creation, the Father.

We will also see that the Planet Earth is the Avatar body of the Holy Mother of God.

How do we end the enchantment of our own intellects? Why take up the trek toward the “inside” of Nature? Is it possible to once again find a connection to Faerie, the Lost Cities, the Underworld, the Underneath of “Stranger Things”.

The Gates to these is through the appetites, even the ambition to be enlightened, or otherwise “want” to more perfect than the rest of the teeming masses.

“We have met the enemy and he is us” (Walt Kelly’s Pogo). “The enemies gate is down.” and, “to defeat the enemy I have first to love them”, (Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game). “Are we having fun yet?” (Bill Griffith’s, Zippy the Pinhead). “My name is ‘Skywalker’” sez, Rey in Star Wars IX.

What is a human being is the question/trial of this Age. We get to choose. By ourselves.

Is there anything we can do collectively, during the cultural reboot the passage of the pandemic will leave its wake?

Sure. Change the narrative. The second link is to that story. Short version: Every “Earth day”, all over the world, environmentalists file suits against at least three multinational corporations, alleging – whatever – while at the same time insisting that if a corporation can be a living being before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the law. All the suits do is change the collective narrative.

We start talking about who are we, we human beings. Magical dragons, unanchored to either time or space? Or, helpless counters in the latest Game of Thrones.

Who are you? Do you want the world to get beyond its current madness? Will you seek an I&Thou relationship with the Holy Mother, who is that which we call Divine Providence. The Underworld waits for us to mature. Elemental beings gave us animal husbandry, farming, and the mysteries of the forge, in the long ago when before.

They only need one act, which is to love the dark as much as the light. As above, so below, and, as below, so above … for the miracle of the One.

Gather on April Fool’s Day, for fostering mutual help in facing the dark … Easter is just around the corner.

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